You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours - The importance of networking

TechHub has always been a place for members to share-skills, learnings and gadgets. We're now taking that winning formula to a whole new level, with our event on April 30th.

While our members have long enjoyed the network effects of being a part of TechHub, we will be welcoming the startup and technology worlds in general.

So why is networking such an important part of what TechHub does? Because no single person can do everything. Web designers need developers, marketers need social media gurus, graphic designers need copywriters. App developers may want a promo video made. All startups can benefit from industry expertise and connections. However, as any startup knows, hiring quality experts in any area is a luxury rarely afforded to a bootstrapping company. Many instead have started exchanging what they can - their own time and expertise. Why pay �50 per hour when you can offer that value using only your own time?

We've seen these connections at TechHub around the kettle, at our events and on our online community. But now we're really opening it up, and giving it it's own event. So think about what you can offer, what your company really needs, and get on down to see how we can help you help yourself. Who knows, a reciprocal connection to someone with a skill that you really need might bring benefit for years to come.

If you are an Ideas Tap member, you can sign up for this event for free!

Our kind sponsors for this event are People Per Hour, who's community can help you find what you need, if you don't find it at TechHub.

Photo from Jayaram Kowta