Xavy launch B2B video platform for conference organisers

A couple of days ago, TechHub members Xavy launched their B2B video platform for conference organisers. After a long period of hard work, the product is finally here for all industry professionals to take advantage of and Xavy are one step closer to their mission is to become a marketplace for world class conference talks, providing a central destination where business professionals can access and learn from the best conference content filmed across the globe.

With their main two goals being to enable busy professionals to effortlessly search for and discover talks, debates, discussions and case studies relevant to their particular professional interest, while providing conference organisers with a more effective way to extend the value of the content produced at their events, Xavy's co-founders Mark Walker and Henry Embleton are hoping to take their shared vision for professional video content to the next level.

You can read more about the launch on a couple of leading industry blogs, here, and here.

About the founders:

When Xavy co-founders Henry Embleton and Mark Walker met a few years ago, they discovered their shared vision for professional video content.

Henry was born in London, and while his professional background consists of working as a publisher producing special interest reports in The Times & Sunday Times for Raconteur Media, Mark held a series of management roles in the conference industry, leading teams to create conferences for industries including online gaming, energy and pharmaceuticals.

Henry's first start-up, Silver Seed was a boutique headhunting & recruitment company specialising in the media sector. During his experience with Silver Seed, he developed a deeper insight into the power of video
content � he observed that an increasing number of clients preferred to utilise video as a means to deliver a message and wanted to monetise those videos.

Meanwhile, wanting to have an even bigger impact on a wider range of industries and highlight the great content available at conferences all over the world, Mark taught himself how to code in 2012 and launched Xavy. Since then he built the platform you see today, worked with some amazing conference companies to get their content in front of their members, and learned a huge amount about what busy executives are looking for in conference talks and business videos.