Why entrepreneurs love TechHub

Why would you want to be a member of TechHub?

We could tell you that we work with over 600 tech companies around the world to help them scale. We could tell you about all the great events we programme that you can access free as part of your TechHub membership. We could talk about how your TechHub membership card lets you access every TechHub in the world, whether it's Spanish startup culture your business needs to explore, or you want to find out how to break into the Indian market.

All those things would be useful bits of info. But the best way to tell you how your startup can benefit from being part of the TechHub community, is through the words of our current members, like Mike Charalambous, who sent us this unprompted missive of love two weeks ago...

Our mobile app Frenzi is finally set to launch next week and it would have been impossible if we weren't at TechHub.

The facilities, team and community of TechHub has given us the extra notch to take our idea to a finalised product ready to launch in the market. Through the community we have established an amazing network of startup founders, investors, mentors and partners that have already been instrumental to the success of our journey.

Some success stories from our time at TechHub include:

  • Strategic partnership with MyKidsy, another TechHub member company
  • Securing Shadi Mahassel on our board of advisors
  • Raising an angel round of £50k from investors we've met at TechHub events
  • Finding a graphic designer that works part time in our team on UI/UX of our app
  • A strong group of tech savvy people that gave solid feedback on our beta testing

If you're looking to be part of something bigger and want to be surrounded by a supportive community of tech entrepreneurs, come join us!