Why do people love working in startups?

On Friday, Moris, the mascot of Silicon Milkroundabout came to TechHub and asked our members why they love working at a startup. It's not often a giant milk carton asks you about your working life, so we were interested to see what answers people came up with.

Lots of people answered that they enjoyed how they work:

Or because of who they were working with:

Others were more interested in the relaxed working atmosphere, whether that meant not having to shave or wear shoes in the office!

And of course, our very own Irina felt that it is all about bringing happiness to others!

You can read more about the adventures of 'Moris on a Boris' at the Silicon Milkroundabout Blog.

Thanks to Import.io, Tuneit, Nexmo, Cohaesus, Veltra and BuzzMyVideos for taking part in the photos above and everyone else who got involved on the day.

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