Why blog advertising is a great way to promote your brand

Blogs have always been a way to express opinions and give people a voice on a larger scale, starting with the original blog in 1997 which was simply just an online journal.
Over the years blogs have evolved into many different uses, from a personal journal to something readily shared, and even allowing some writers to be full-time bloggers, earning a living from their writing.

As a start up company or small business, advertising is key to expanding your customer base and if you�re dealing with the public could be the make or break ingredient for whether your company will flop or float.

Advertising on blogs is big business, with studies showing that in the US 67% of people have said they have made a purchase based on a blog post and over 77% of Internet users read blogs regularly.

Adlet is an advertising platform, which makes advertising easier and more relevant for bloggers and small businesses. Based in TechHub Swansea, the founder of Adlet, Emma Coles, knows better than most the value of advertising and working with bloggers. The idea for Adlet came while running her ecommerce business, Ji Ji Kiki. She says

�I quickly found out how great it was to work with bloggers to help promote my website and brand; bloggers are enthusiastic, influential and just so nice and friendly! Why work with some faceless publishing company, spending huge amounts of money on one advert when you can work with lots of bloggers who care about their readers and love helping small businesses!�

37% of marketers believe that blogs are the most important type of content marketing, so why not give it a try and see where it leads you and your business?


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