WhereInFair selected for the Y Combinator's Female Founders Conference in California

Long standing TechHub members, WhereInFair who are currently taking a 'TechHub sabbatical' as part of 8 generation of Start-Up Chile, have been selected for the Y Combinator event Female Founders Conference in California. The founders Sarah Raniero and Ilaria Raniero will join other female founders at the prestigious event hosted by Y Combinator at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California on March 1st 2014.

WhereInFair is a web platform where you can discover the most important exhibitions, trade-shows and conferences worldwide, rate and review them and connect with your potential business partners. The company was founded because they wanted to change the way people connect at exhibitions, trade-shows and conferences. The girls say that they've been unconsciously incubated the problem for a long time, but properly got the idea of developing WhereInFair after having attended an exhibition in the renewable energy industry in Italy.

Sarah told us:'

It is very exciting to have been selected to participate to a conference organised by one of the most prestigious companies' accelerators in the world. I am looking forward to meeting with like-minded women and to learn what they are working on. There is a growing interest into female-run companies and great amount of initiatives aimed at supporting women, you might think about Women 2.0, GirlsInTech, WomenInTech, TedWomen, WomenWhoCode, as well as funding initiatives address to companies with at least 1 female co-founder. I trust that all these initiatives encourage more women to start their own business and provide them with the right community support.'

...adding this about their current experience at Start-Up Chile:

'Start-Up Chile is one of the most prestigious programs for start-ups at international level; it is an initiative of the Chilean Government to attract world-class early stage entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Chile. WhereInFair has been selected with other 85 start-ups out of around 1400 applications, as part of its 8th Generation; the program started for us in November 2013 and it will ends on May 2014. During the 6 months, the selected companies receive a financing round of $40.000; they are equity-free but in return we are required to socially impact on Chile. We have to share our experience as entrepreneurs with the local Chilean community, so that we can help Chile to become the entrepreneurial hub of Latin America. Therefore, we have been giving talks at universities and even organised a new exhibition called �TechMakers� Expo� with the aim to connect Chilean makers, innovators and tech-enthusiasts to foreign entrepreneurs. This has been a very rewarding experience as we have managed to connect people and companies that are now successfully collaborating among each-other, which is also the purpose of WhereInFair. We have access to an amazing co-working space right in the centre of Santiago, where we have met amazing friends and entrepreneurs: Start-Up Chile allows you to get to know people from all around the world and to learn from their knowledge and experiences. It is a very international environment with people from different backgrounds building companies that range from internet to mobile to hardware to robotics. The work is very intense, but Chile is a wonderful Country and we have managed to visit Atacama desert this Christmas, and we are planning to go to Patagonia before the end of the program. Also, we are studying Spanish and we are improving our language skills every day.'

Sarah is the company's co-founder and CEO and works on product development. She studied Industrial and Systems Engineering at Polytechnic University of Milan and Tongji University of Shanghai; worked for Annapurna Ventures, an internet Venture Capital Fund. Ilaria is her co-founder and CMO, dedicated to marketing and operations. She studied Management Science and Engineering, specialisation in Supply Chain Management and Lean Thinking, at Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy), Tongji University of Shanghai (China), and Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business (USA); then worked in the supply chain department of several Fortune 500 companies in the USA, China, Israel and Italy. Anna is the Chief Strategy Officer, she is the exhibition industry expert and works on business development side of things.