WhereInFair accepted to Startup Chile

Great news for our lovely member Sarah Raniero, her team, and their startup WhereInFair - they've just been selected to participate to Start-Up Chile 8th Generation, and will move to Santiago de Chile from November this year.

This round, 85 start-ups have been selected, over around 1380 applications so it's a great success indeed.
You can read more about it here and see the list of the selected startups.

This way, Sarah joins another TechHub member Fred Cabalero and his startup Bizpora who just got back from Chile in August and had this to say about what seems a truly amazing initiative: 'Startup Chile is an amazing and inspiring programme. Basically the Chilean government gives you 40 thousand Dollars, equity-free. The only condition: work from Chile for 6 months. It is a fantastic human exchange. On one side it helps your startup move forward and it's a great chance to travel and meet hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the world. What's in it for them? (People always think there's a catch. There is NOT) They import entrepreneurial brains to give talks to local entrepreneurs (you must collect 4,000 points) and help the local ecosystem. Externally, it's probably the best government PR I've even seen in my life (instead of spending millions on posters). All of us that went through the programme "talk about it". It's something remarkable that deserves to reach more and more entrepreneurs.'