What Now?! App, A Pocket Concierge For The Airbnb Generation, Launches At Disrupt Europe

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Ever been on holiday and started reaching for your smartphone to look something up, only to remember it�s stuck on airplane mode because you don�t want to get stung with roaming charges? Or wondered what�s cool to do around the Airbnb apartment you rented in an outlying district of Paris, and wasted ages on the Wi-Fi trying to track down a decent place for dinner?

What Now?! is an iOS app for travellers that offers a neat workaround for the roaming smartphone killjoy problem, while also giving a helping hand to steer you through the local knowledge gap. What Now Travel, the London-based startup behind the app � which is launching on stage today, here at Disrupt Europe 2013 � was founded last year. It began testing its ideas for an offline travel app on Barcelona, before moving on to a small private beta in London.

Next up it will be opening the app�s doors to the public � expect it on the App Store in a few weeks� time � sticking with London for starters before expanding to support other popular tourist destinations. The ultimate vision is to offer a single app that can be your companion regardless of the city or location you�re travelling to. That approach sets it apart from travel rivals taking the �download an offline city guidebook� route to tackle the same problem.

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