What is Startup Matchmaking?

The Romanian and CEE startup ecosystems are at a consolidating stage, with more and more startups popping up, 12 companies reaching the unicorn status, numerous educational programs, incubators and accelerators to choose from, a tight-knit community that learns and works together, and great access to local capital, both public and private.

There’s no doubt that this is a great time for you to consider getting a job in a tech startup or becoming a startup founder yourself. And this is where Startup Matchmaking comes in to give a helping hand.

The Community

First and foremost, Startup Matchmaking is a community made of fast-growing startups, future startup founders and professionals that want to be part of such companies. It is the place where you can share your opened positions, you can find your startup job, meet your future co-founder(s) and access the resources to accomplish all of the above.

Of course, as it’s an early-stage project, we are ready to learn and grow along with you. We really appreciate when you take your time to give us your feedback so we can do a better job for the startup community.

The Meetups

Speaking of community, it would be great to also meet together in person from time to time! Therefore, we plan to organize a series of meetups where we can learn from the best professionals in the industry and network with our fellow peers.

The first such meetup is about “What NOT to expect from working in a startup?” and we hope to meet as many of you on April 11. Our guest speakers will share from their experience what people assume being part of a startup is like and what life in a startup is all about. So be sure to bring your dying questions as we can assure you that Andreia, Irina, and Oana are ready to talk to you about the subject all night long.

The Co-founder Event

We’ve written a detailed piece on how you can find your future co-founder. To put it briefly, you must have the right co-founder profile in mind, go out there to find her / him and shake hands for a long and prolific collaboration. Now, the Co-founders event comes in to help discover your match.

The way the evening works is pretty ‘simple’. You pitch your project and who you are looking to join your team, the participants introduce themselves and the magic happens at the networking session. Of course, don’t expect that just by coming to such an event you will find your business partner and kick it off immediately. This is a process that takes time and you should thoroughly build the trust needed so that your working relationship can be a successful one.

There are nevertheless other benefits that you can get from such an event.

  • It’s a great chance to practice pitching your startup to a broad audience.
  • You will definitely get valuable feedback as some of the participants will be part of your target market.
  • People with experience in the area you lack will be willing to help you with solid advice, resources or valuable introductions.
  • As starting a company is a long process, you get the chance to start building connections with people that can become your startup co-founder.

The Startup Event

During the Startup event, all the founders that have jobs on our platform will be present to pitch their startup and be ready to meet you. Before you decide to apply, make sure that working in a startup is actually right for you. Then come to the event to do some serious networking, be prepared to convince the founders why you are the right person to join their team and find your startup job.

Keep in mind that the startup world is super dynamic and even though you don’t see an obvious position for you, taking part in the event can still be valuable. Startup founders are known to create a job on the spot for a person with the right skills and ambitious that they really want in their team. Even though that won’t happen right away, if you are that special person, then you will be the first one they’ll call once such a job is opened. We’ve seen this happening before so we can assure you that taking the decision to participate in the Startup Matchmaking event will actually be worth your time.

The Platform

To make sure that a match can happen 24/7, we’ve created the Startup Matchmaking platform. We are vetting all the startups that post jobs on the platform to make sure they are technology companies with the vision of building global products. Therefore, if you want to join a startup that is planning to grow exponentially, be part of a challenging work environment, learn a lot in a condensed time and work with the best people in the industry, then check our startup jobs and start applying!

Furthermore, as we’ve mentioned at the beginning, we want to offer you the relevant resources to become a better startup professional. That’s why we’ve added the blog to the platform where you will find useful information and learn from the best people in our community.

The Future

We believe that the real value of a community stands in its people, the resources they have access to and the projects they are working on together. The Startup Matchmaking team will hence aim to provide you with the proper learning resources, will constantly host events that help you become better startup professionals and be your go-to place to place to find your startup match!