What �appened� to my app?

This is a guest post by Matthew Trimming, the founder of META the specialist market entry consultancy.

Five years after the launch of Apple�s App Store Google Play, the competing platform for Android apps is experiencing rapid growth and may soon surpass Apple as the largest storefront globally. Google Play revenues are growing much faster than Apple�s, with sales up 90% quarter on quarter, compared to around 25% for Apple. With over 100 billion downloads across the two platforms and revenues of over �17.3bn the app�s market presents developers with a great opportunity, as long as they can differentiate their app in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

So where should a developer focus to ensure their app stands out from the crowd, is attractive to investors and can generate significant revenue? On the evening of 12th September I will join a panel of industry experts at TechHub @ Campus to help answer these questions.

The evening sponsored by Citigate, one of London�s leading PR Tech practices, is an opportunity to hear from and debate with expert apps developers, investors and market entry specialists. We will discuss the latest trends in apps. What are the most popular and fastest growing market segments? Is it all about mobile messaging and gaming or are there other less crowded segments worth targeting? How can a developer best attract investment? What can Western developers learn from the likes of Japan-based developers Line and South Korea�s Kakao with their Cookie Run and LINE POP apps? And, what are the best revenue models, a one-off download charge, subscription or in-app purchases?

If your Tech City start-up has developed or is thinking about developing an Android App or you are thinking of investing in apps then join the debate with me, Steve Karmeinsky, Kevin McDonagh and Dennis Jones from 6.30pm on 12th September at TechHub @ Campus.

Matthew Trimming is the founder of META the specialist market entry consultancy. TechHub helps Startups get better, faster. Learn more about becoming a member or see our events page for more interesting events in London.