TechHub partner with to support tech startups and scale-ups with their tech hiring

TechHub and partner to help support tech startups and scaleups with their all important tech hiring.

TechHub’s ambition has always been to support their community of tech startups to scale, and when asking founders what their biggest scaling challenges are, hiring top tech talent always comes up, which is why we’re partnering up with European startup, who have successfully sourced talent for GoCardless, Deezer, Blablacar, Parrot, N26, Flatfair and more of our ecosystem startups. is a selective, reverse recruitment platform designed to be the easiest way to recruit an excellent technical team. Using their platform, startups can select pre-screened talent, reducing sourcing time from an average of 5 months, to just 20 days.

TechHub members will be able to benefit from free 1:1 face time with the team to discuss their hiring strategy, as well as discounts on the platform, and £500 off their first hire, and then additional discounts the more hires you make,

2 hires - 20% discount on each hire
3 hires - 25% discount on each hire
4 hires - 30% discount on each hire

If you’re interested in finding out more about the partnership, or how you can benefit. Check out our membership options here or contact