We're hiring an Ecosystem Development Manager!

Do you want to work at the centre of Madrid’s tech startup community and support awesome individuals creating the next wave of globally successful tech products?

Look no further - TechHub is scaling up fast and we're looking for a fantastically talented and passionate Ecosystem Development Manager to join the Madrid team. This is a great opportunity for someone who knows their way around the Spanish startup scene (with at least one year’s experience working with or in a tech startup), has an awesome personality, loves interacting with people and is keen to use those skills while working in Madrid’s hottest startup environment.


You will be in great company - every TechHub team member is smart, fun, friendly and all-round awesome. You will be part of a truly global organisation and work with the extended TechHub family - teams in the United Kingdom, Spain, India, Poland, Latvia and Romania, and colleagues of more than 10 different nationalities.

TechHub Madrid is a small but mighty super-team: there are no subordinates or superiors, only awesome peers to work with on achieving great things! Reporting to our International Projects Manager, you will work closely with our Community Development Manager (who cultivates the TechHub community and its member startups) and our Programme Manager (who designs, hosts, produces and runs our entire content programme).


If you're looking for a 9-to-5 job where you don’t need to use your brain and can relax behind a computer - this position isn’t for you. If you’re looking to work in a fast-paced environment that is constantly changing and never boring; where you’ll support smart, creative and inspiring individuals that are developing and scaling innovative tech products – you’re in the right place.

The Ecosystem Development Manager's responsibilities lie in curating the most diverse, friendly and supportive community in the tech startup ecosystem; using in-depth knowledge of the members (and the projects they’re working on) to help them develop and collaborate; and creating awareness of our community, members and their startups within the Spanish startup ecosystem… and beyond it!

You will need to have excellent people skills and a firm understanding of different types of technology startups. Our members raise multiple millions of dollars in funding each year and their startups have been acquired by the likes of Google, Twitter and Facebook – using your skills and knowledge, you have the chance to make an impact on their success!


  • Represent TechHub with confidence and charisma - you will interact with many different people and personalities on a daily basis. You need to be able to engage and find a common language with anyone, from a young university graduate to a famous technology investor.
  • Be the first point of contact externally - for prospective members, partners or stakeholders interested in engaging with TechHub.
  • Spread awareness of TechHub - from showing VIP guests around TechHub and Campus Madrid, to representing our community at events, speaking engagements and conferences – you are our spokesperson, responsible for external engagement with (and on behalf of) the TechHub community.
  • Manage membership applications - this will involve plenty of daily interaction in person, over the phone and via email. Our environment is buzzing and needs timely, helpful and friendly interaction with those who are interested in either joining or collaborating with our community.
  • Assess membership fit for applicants – not all startups are the right fit for TechHub, and vice versa. Depending on the nature of an applicant’s startup, you will need to suggest appropriate membership options for their team, outline specific ways in which our startup development programme can benefit them, or make them aware of alternative ways in which they can engage with our community if we are unable to offer them membership.
  • Set up and manage member accounts – tech startups grow, shrink and evolve faster than any other type of business. You will work with our kick-ass finance team to set up and adjust each startup’s membership (depending on the changes in their team’s size and structure) by coordinating membership transfers, renewals, additions or exits.
  • Welcome new members to the community - you will host weekly welcome sessions to help new members kick-start their membership with a big dose of positive energy (and caffeine), make them aware of the opportunities available to them, and introduce them to fellow members who can give them relevant support and expertise.
  • Actively support your TechHub colleagues - working with the Madrid team to engage members in events, programmes, community initiatives, VIP visits, etc; and working with TechHub teams around the world to help Madrid-based members make the most of their global membership.


We're looking for someone who wants to join the team who is interested in full-time, long-term work – the role is not available on a part-time basis. You’ll be an essential member of the team and we will rely on you to be a friendly, knowledgeable and professional face of TechHub, possessing the following qualities:

  • Very familiar with the Spanish tech startup ecosystem - do you know what the best Meetups are? Who the most successful investors are? The difference between an “MVP” and “MAU”? You’ll be surrounded by tech entrepreneurs and will need to speak their language, so experience working with or in startups is massively important to this role.
  • Excellent English language skills - top notch communication ability is a must, including correct spelling - we are an international company with a bilingual work environment!
  • Friendly and personable with great communication skills – you love interacting with people and helping make their day the best it can be. TechHub members are awesome people and deserve an equally awesome team to support them.
  • Punctual, with excellent time-keeping and completely reliable – you get stuff done, even if you have to work things out for yourself. You are super organized, great at managing your time and workload to ensure everything gets done and that handovers with your colleagues are smooth and seamless.
  • Creative, process-driven, proactive - while you're great at jumping in and doing things last-minute when necessary, you have strong skills in creating processes to ensure that nothing is forgotten and your work flows smoothly. If you think something could be improved, we want to hear your thoughts – we’d love you to discuss solutions rather than problems, anticipate issues before they arise, and take action where it’s needed.
  • Comfortable working independently, but still work as part of the team - our team is small, so being able to balance independence with collaboration is really important. You need to be able to take ownership of your work while supporting your team when we need all hands on deck. There’s no room for egos in our work environment!
  • The kind of person who goes the extra mile – you’re genuinely helpful and committed. These qualities won’t go unnoticed with us, we believe in giving credit where credit’s due.
  • Tech-savvy - you'll need to quickly get to grips with our systems, so good skills and the ability to learn new software, applications and technology is a must.


  • email your CV (in English) with “TechHub Madrid Ecosystem Development Manager” in the subject line to jobs@techhub.com.
  • include a covering email (in English) telling us why you're interested in the role and why we should hire you - we want to know why you're excited by this particular opportunity. We will not consider applications without a covering letter!
  • briefly detail relevant experience and skills in the covering email - no need to write about your entire work history (as it will be in your CV), concentrate instead on the parts that you consider most relevant to this position.
  • include your earliest start date and salary expectations (please at least include a range)
  • Be professional but with personality - don't write like a corporate drone, let your real self shine through your email.