We're Hiring a Community Development Manager!

Do you want to work at the centre of London’s tech startup community and support awesome individuals creating the next wave of successful and innovative tech products? Look no further - TechHub has a great opportunity for you!

Who are we?

TechHub is the global community for tech entrepreneurs and startups. We work with over 700 companies around the world to help them scale. The TechHub network unites startups building their own tech products, enabling them to collaborate, work smarter, develop faster and increase their chances of startup success. We’ve launched TechHubs in London and 6 other International cities, with even more international communities on the way!
In February 2016 we announced our global partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs to help our our startups go truly global. We are excited to give each and every TechHub member in the world access to programmes and assistance from Google, including Google mentors, programmes, demo days, and Google Cloud Platform credits for qualifying startups.
TechHub is scaling up fast and we're looking for a fantastically talented, passionate and friendly Community Development Manager to join the London team. This is a great opportunity for someone with a great knowledge of London’s tech startup ecosystem and an international mindset who loves interacting with people, has a great personality, an excellent eye for detail, and is keen to use those skills while working in London’s coolest startup environment.

What’s our team like?

You will be in great company - every TechHub team member is smart, fun, friendly and all-round awesome. You will be part of a truly organisation and work with the extended TechHub family - teams in the United Kingdom, India, Spain, Poland, Latvia, Romania, and colleagues of more than 15 different nationalities.
TechHub London is a small but mighty super-team. You will work closely with the rest of the Community Team, the Membership Manager and our Program Manager (who designs, hosts, produces and runs our entire content programme).

What’s the role like?

If you're looking for a 9-to-5 job where you don’t need to use your brain and can just relax behind a computer - this position isn’t for you. If you’re looking to work in a fast-paced environment that is constantly changing and never boring; where you’ll support smart, creative and inspiring individuals that are developing innovative tech products - keep reading.
The Community Development Manager is very important to our company - your job is to cultivate the most successful tech startup community in London by creating the best possible environment for our members and ensuring they take full advantage of the opportunities offered by TechHub.
You will need to develop close relationships with our members, have a clear understanding of their needs and connect them to relevant resources in order to help their businesses develop and grow. Our members raise multiple millions of pounds in funding each year and their startups have been acquired by the likes of Google, Twitter and Facebook - you have the chance to make an impact on their success!

Core Duties

Welcome new members and guests - introduce incoming members to the community, make them feel at home and inform them about the opportunities they can take advantage of as a TechHub member.

Attend to external guests - plenty of people come through our doors every day, from aspiring entrepreneurs to famous investors and politicians. You should be capable of finding a common language with everyone, be confident in giving tours and be able to attend to visitors as they arrive.

Engage members in the community - encourage members to share their expertise and ask for help; communicate relevant opportunities through community updates; create a positive atmosphere where members can get to know each other professionally and socially.

Be the community’s internal connector - you are the “human encyclopedia” of TechHub members: always up-to-date on their projects, skills, latest achievements and struggles; and able to connect members looking for advice, feedback or collaborators to peers able to help them.

Reception – you’re the first port of call for any member queries and external contact. Answer calls, emails and queries.

Connect TechHub members globally - collaborating with your international TechHub colleagues to link TechHub London members to TechHub communities around the world and provide them with localised support and opportunities.

Maintain a positive community atmosphere - ensure members are behaving appropriately, resolve disputes and keep discipline when there are issues. Work with your colleagues to keep the TechHub space clean, welcoming and fully functioning, resolving issues quickly and smoothly. There’s nothing worse than an entrepreneur who hasn’t had their morning coffee because the coffee machine has broken!

Connect members to relevant resources - keeping in up to speed with developments in the ecosystem and sharing relevant resources with TechHub members (information about funding schemes, online resources for startups, etc.)

Actively support your TechHub colleagues - whether it’s helping the Program Manager come up with ideas for a new type of event, or working with the Membership Manager to suggest new workspace options to a growing startup, you should support your colleagues and expect them to do the same for you! Person specification
You’ll be an essential member of the team and we will rely on you to be a friendly, knowledgeable and professional face of TechHub.

You are:

  • Very familiar with the London tech startup ecosystem - do you know what the best tech meetups are? Who the most successful investors are? What an MVP is? You’ll be surrounded by tech entrepreneurs and will need to speak their language, so having worked with startups, in startups or run your own startup is essential to being successful in this role!
  • Excellent English language skills - top notch communication abilities are a must, including correct spelling.
  • Friendly and personable with great communication skills – you love interacting with people and helping make their day the best it can be. TechHub members are awesome people and we know you’ll enjoy meeting and interacting with them.
  • Excellent at remembering names and faces – you will need to know our members well and develop positive relationships with them from day one. Everyone loves to be treated as a unique individual, rather than a membership number!
  • Punctual, with excellent time-keeping and completely reliable – you will often be opening up in the morning or closing up at night and will be trusted with a variety of responsibilities. We need to know you’ll be there when you say you will and are totally trustworthy! This is very, very important for this role.
  • A great finisher - you get stuff done, even if you have to work things out for yourself. Super organised – great at managing your time and workload to ensure everything gets done and that handovers with your colleagues are smooth and seamless.
  • Process-driven - while you're great at jumping in and doing things last-minute when necessary, you have strong skills in creating processes to ensure that nothing is forgotten and your work flows smoothly.
  • Comfortable working independently, but still work as part of the team - our team is small, so being able to balance independence with collaboration is really important.
  • Tech-savvy - you'll need to quickly get to grips with our systems, so good skills and the ability to learn new software, applications and technology is a must.
  • Happy to get stuck in – as with any startup, some duties might be unexpected, or there might be times when it’s all hands on deck. We’re looking for people who want to see TechHub succeed and will get the job done.
  • Innovative, creative and proactive – you’ll be developing processes and working out the best ways of doing things, including problem solving. If you think something could be improved, we want to hear your thoughts, and we’d love you to anticipate issues before they arise, and take action where it’s needed.
  • The kind of person who goes the extra mile – you’re genuinely helpful and committed; and these qualities won’t go unnoticed with us, we believe in giving credit where credit’s due. As this role is very important to the company, we're looking for someone who wants to join the team for full-time, long-term work. This position is not suitable as an internship or a part-time job.

To apply

  • email your CV with “TechHub London Community Development Manager” in the subject line to jobs@techhub.com
  • include a covering email telling us why you're interested in the role and why we should hire you - we want to know why you're excited by this particular opportunity. We will not consider applications without a covering letter!
  • briefly detail relevant experience and skills in the covering email - no need to write about your entire work history (as it will be in your CV), concentrate instead on the parts that you consider most relevant to this position. include your earliest start date and salary expectations (please at least include a range)
  • Be professional but with personality - don't write like a corporate drone, let your real self shine through your email.

NO PHONE CALLS. If you call, we’ll assume you didn’t read the job specification carefully or can’t take direction.