Wearable technology is about to change the world

Every week on kickstart there are new kinds of wearable tech, tracking everything from

  • Array of health monitoring applications, Fibit, Nike Fuel Band, Instabeat for swimmers, even smart socks have been developed.
  • to posture.

  • The travel Cap which uses flashing LED's on the rim of a baseball cap to direct its wearer to there intended destination.

  • Toronto based startup Nymi is attempting to replace passwords with a users heartbeat via a wearable wristband.
  • MIT students have developed the "sesame ring" a NFC driven replacement for Boston Charlie Card, simular to London's oyster card, raised close to $20k via Kickstarter
  • Front facing camera, GoPro
  • Hell there are even people developing Smart Teeth which can tell what you are eating

The way we react with the world around us is about to change, so many

The internet of things.

This is a huge topic and one that one small blog post can barley scratch the surface of.


  1. There are too many disperate initiatives, unless you want a charging station 6 feet long while have more bands around your wrist than a 14 year old festival goaer.
  2. So many of these are working with NFC,

Apple is taking a punt on bluetooth over NFC with there ibeacon, quietly slipped into iOS7

Never mind bands, watches, Touchscreen T-shirts are only a few years away,�so maybe take ti one step forward and integrated staight into our clothing, we can say with presumably some certaintyt that that is not going anywhere any time soon. But this is a whole article in itself. http://mashable.com/2013/02/15/armour39/

lets take a quick look at some of the biggest players in the market right now...

increase in augmented reality

(Google Glass)[http://www.google.com/glass/start/]

The apps also known as Glasswear

What you may not now is that Glass has several competitors, including Telepathy which recently raised $5m who hope to be in the consumer market by the end of this year.

Ocolous Rift


Meta - SpaceGlasses


Smart Watches

The Pebble pioneered the concept of a smart watch, shattering previous crowdfunding records, raising xmillion in x days.

Galaxy Gear

Lets for the moment assume the iWatch is in fact a watch, and not a TV, Apple has been buying up various patents, no other organisation has the klout and end to end supply chain to pull this off.

All of this will create a substatin in rush of Big Data and unlock Api's which will have a knock on in the services in our lives, healthcare etc.

The issues include power consumption, fashion statement, compatibility with technology

The best way i can end it is this:

It's already happening. Smartphones quickly became extensions of our bodies. Now people notice their smartphones are missing before their wallets. The qualifier "wearable" on new technology will soon be outdated, much like the word "mobile" is already dying off. Because the members of the tech community are the early adopters, they'll be the first to try it, the first to hack it and the first to improve upon it. - Clay Hebert, Spindows

As a consumer which one of these pieces of technology interest you the most?
Are you developing for these technologies? Let us know!


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