Wanted: TechHub Bucharest Community Manager

We�re looking for an enthusiastic, talented, friendly and dynamic person to join our team as TechHub Bucharest Community Manager. The role combines event management, marketing activities & partnership relationship management and it�s a very important one, so we expect you to be amazing.

If you�d like to be part of the most vibrant community in town and bring your personal contribution to the development of the Bucharest tech ecosystem, apply here and show us your desire to join the magic team where great things happen!

What will your core responsibilities be?

TechHub Bucharest Events

  • Coordinating all the events happening @ TechHub Bucharest
  • Writing amazing content for the TechHub Bucharest blog
  • Social media management (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Community relationship management (newsletter, Facebook groups)
  • Maintaining the relationship with the community leaders & organizers of all the events we host Partner relationship management
  • Maintain the relationship with our trusted partners & sponsors and make sure they are well looked after and delighted with their engagement with both TechHub Bucharest and our members
  • Identify potential partners and build valuable relationships with them

What are we looking for?

Since you�ll be a core member of our team, we expect you to be friendly & professional, as well as to make sure everything happens smoothly and everyone�s happy & engaged.

The TechHub Bucharest Community Manager should have:

  • Great Communication Skills. You need to be an expert communicator, and we�re talking here about face-to-face communication, over the phone discussions and written conversations. You�re also great at building relationships through networking, pitching TechHub and bringing together a large and diverse network of people to further our goals
  • Business Development Skills. You�re an excellent strategic implementer and you can easily spot opportunities, plan and execute on them while working within the overall brand and business framework
  • Project Management Skills. You�re great at staying on top of what needs to be done, managing requirements, resources and deadlines and executing projects where you need to deliver in time and (sometimes) get your hands dirty
  • People and service orientation. TechHub has managed to build a great community around because it paid lots of attention to its members� needs. It�s a service-based business and you�ll be instrumental in making sure this focus is maintained and our members come first. Ideally, you should be experienced in client/customer retention planning, managing the feedback loop, handling change management processes and making sure everyone is happy
  • A doer attitude. You make sure you get things done. You�re focused and not easily distractible, able to multitask and manage your time, tasks and projects to make sure goals are met
  • Ideally, you�re already active in the tech startups ecosystem and you�re highly familiar with the concepts being discussed

How can you apply?

If you consider yourself a fit for this position and you�d love to join our team, just [submit your application here] (http://www.123contactform.com/form-1278364/TechHub-Bucharest-Community-Manager) and we�ll get back to you shortly.

Piece of advice: be professional, but avoid being stiff! We�re friendly geeks looking for someone sociable, smart & fun to join us.

Good luck!