Want to be heard by our thriving tech startup community? Guest post for our blog!

The value of guest posting cannot be underestimated. Don't stay in the background, share your knowledge and experience with our readers, to show what a great expert you are! If you want to be heard by our thriving tech startup community, why not contribute to TechHub Swansea’s blog via guest posting?

Here are the guidelines for you to follow to see your article live on our blog page.

Who we are;

TechHub Swansea is a non-profit co-working space, for small startups and small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s). We help tech start-ups within our region grow into global export companies; we provide access to a community of like-minded individuals and businesses, education, events and access to tools to help the start-ups grow and scale more quickly. So far, TechHub Swansea has helped over forty businesses and created over 60 internet/tech jobs for the region. Our target demographic includes but is not limited to; entrepreneurs, creatives, students, devs and local tech businesses. We also actively promote STEM learning in schools and fully support the push to increase women in tech.

Why write for TechHub Swansea?

Here are some great reasons to guest post for us:

  • To share your knowledge and insight on your area of expertise
  • To share your experience with thousands of thought-leading readers
  • Networking opportunities
  • For a high-quality and relevant backlink
  • We'll also promote your article on our social media channels and add a link to it in our bi-monthly newsletter

What are the guidelines to see your post published on our Blog?

  • A short, sharp title that hooks the reader in An introduction that attracts interest and keeps the reader engaged - write content that you would want to read yourself
  • It should be within your area of interest or expertise. However, it should not be overly technical. Unique with examples (yours or someone else - but not solely reliant on content from other blogs)
  • Well-structured (with subheadings, numbered/bulleted lists and indentation for quotes.) Bold font for key sentences is also preferable for an easy read
  • Have a conclusion
  • Between 600 – 1000 words long
  • Not PR (you can add some mentions, but your post should not look like a sponsored review/article)
  • Please provide a high quality image, relevant to your article content - this will be used for the header. The minimum width should be 640px. Please include a link to the original photograph. NB, we may choose to use another photograph if the one submitted is not suitable.
  • Proof-read and spell-checked in UK English. If there are any problems with clarity, grammar, punctuation etc, we reserve the right to edit the post or request you edit the content directly.

Five things we are unable to accept:

  1. Posts from freelancers who want to provide a back link for another company or entity
  2. Posts sent on behalf of other writers. We’ll only accept a blog post direct from the author
  3. Multiple imagery. We can only accept 1 high quality image for the article header
  4. Guest posts to promote your product or service. We do want to help promote local tech businesses, so if you do have a product/service you would like us promote within the community and wider ecosystem, please talk to us about other avenues such as our owned marketing channels. We see our blog as an educational/news outlet only.
  5. Posts that are poorly written or do not offer any relevance for our readers

How to contact us and the process for submission;

  • Tell us briefly about you and ideally link to a couple of your best posts to allow us to get to know a little more
  • State the title of your proposed post
  • Outline the topic with bullet points
  • Let us know how TechHub Swansea readers would benefit from your post
  • Email your proposal to sarah.fogel@techhub.com

Once we’ve accepted your proposal, please set up your post as a Google doc on Google drive and share with sarah.fogel@techhub.com. Please don’t be upset if we recommend some changes – we want your post to be as relevant as possible to our audience.

If we publish your post, the rights transfer to TechHub Swansea. You will always receive credit as the author, but you will not be compensated financially.

By submitting a guest post, you agree to these terms.