Want to access other TechHubs? Here's how.

It's a new year and we have exciting news for all our globe-trotting TechHub Members.

Last year TechHub expanded beyond our two sites in London to open in Riga, Manchester & Bucharest (coming very soon). Now TechHub Members, regardless of your home club, have access to all other TechHub spaces internationally.

Travelling for meetings? Checking out locations for hiring great devs? Want to go to an awesome event or conference? Just want a change of scene?

Touch down at another TechHub to work and meet, plus get connected to other entrepreneurs in that community via the online network before you even board a plane. Take advantage of the great local knowledge TechHub Members have and get new perspectives on tech business and startups.

Current usage (may be subject to change):

Flex Members

As a Flex members you may spend up to 60 days per year at TechHub locations other than your home club.

Resident & Team Members

If you are a Resident or Team Member you have unlimited access to other TechHub sites.

Not already a TechHub Member? Apply for membership now!

More TechHubs will be confirmed over the coming months so stay tuned and remember to follow TechHub on twitter for more information.

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