Vote for our awesome members, Fabrik, who are nominated for a Webby!

Fabrik is a breakthrough creative platform that builds portfolio websites, taking you from zero to launch ready in minutes without writing a single line of code.

They're sitting alongside Adobe Portfolio and Squarespace in the WEBSITES - Web Services & Applications category. The biggest difference between them (portfolio awesomeness aside) is that for every one of the Fabrik team (all three of them!) those companies have more than 100 employees - which means they have an awful lot more voting power.

As far as the voting goes - TechHub has a global community and we want to use to to help Fabrik do well and see whether we can compete with the halo effect of Squarespace and Adobe. This is a real David and Goliath match to get our communities behind us to support a venture like this.


Fabrik’s team of three (two developers and one designer) came together from London’s design and film industries to support creative talent. It’s now backed by a strong community, and every creative that uses Fabrik is helping to make it better.