Virtually Free developing apps to help millions with anxiety related troubles - but now they need your help to do it!

TechHub members Virtually Free are currently competing to get some of their apps (and app ideas) ported over to the new augmented reality platform by Meta called Space Glasses - and they could use your help!

Dr Andres Fonseca, Consultant Psychiatrist, CEO of Virtually Free, tells us:

The good people from Meta have invented an amazing technology that will enable us to deliver psychological treatment in a new groundbreaking way. They are making possible the things we dreamt about when we founded Virtually Free. There are a lot of common problems troubling millions of people world-wide that can be improved with simple and effective psychological techniques. Our ultimate goal is to develop games to enable access to affordable and effective treatments to all that need them. Through our technology we will also be able to involve you in the development of the treatments. We now have the opportunity to learn from the people going through the treatments in an unprecedented scale. By using our apps you will not only make them better for yourself, but for all others that also need them.

So, have a look at the below, and help them get the votes they need!

An app to help people overcome the fear of speaking in public.
Reckon it may be useful? Voted? Tick.

A full augmented reality version of an app to overcome spider phobia.
Know anyone this could help? Voted? Tick.

An app for agoraphobia.
Think it's a good idea? Voted? Tick.

An app to assist people with memory problems.
Know anyone who doesn't struggle with this? Voted? Tick.

Thank you!

Dr Fonseca is also speaking on the use of software and mobile devices to address anxiety disorders at a conference in Manchester this coming November, telling us:

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share technological advances in the treatment of anxiety with my colleagues and peers. This is an industry much in need of innovation to reduce costs and increase access to psychological therapies.