UX Camp London - Recap

For any technology businesses, user experience is key, and especially in a startup it can mean the difference between succeeding and failing, so we were really glad to see that UX Camp London was going to be just round the corner from TechHub this year!

If you haven�t been before, UXCamp is an BarCamp or Unconference - there are no sessions announced in advance (apart from the keynote this year) and attendees can sign up for a slot to present, workshop or rant about whatever they feel like as long as it concerns User Experience.

It�s impossible to see everything at an event like UX camp, but some of my personal highlights were:

Fixing Browse on Gov.uk - @henryhadlow

10% of users on Gov.uk don't use search. Henry talked us through how they are redesigning the browse experience, looking at the information people want, whether that be something specific or to find out more about an area (such as starting a business) and the design choices that has lead to.

Dealing with Assholes (without punching them in the face) - @vcagwin

A topic that is turns out is lose to many a UXer's heart (and my pick for best session title of the day!) this was full of useful tips for dealing with more difficult people, such as 'the know it all' or 'the complainer', from remaining calm to ideas of how to deliver cup cakes on a conference call.

Sketchnotes - @boonych and @maccymacx

Showing us how even the less artistically gifted of us can improve our visual note taking - I imagine it will be a while before I am up to these guys' standard, though!

Mixed/Augmented Reality and Holographic UI - John Mellor

Some really exciting thoughts on how Augmented reality and Holographic UI could mean that we are very close to living in the movies (even in that movie happens to be Terminator or Iron Man 2). John talked through applications from medicine to Meta's holographic glasses.

These were only a few of the great sessions on the day, others included fascinating accessibility talks, a packed session on 3rd and 4th level navigation on websites, and great talks on Ubiquitous Computing, Introversion and Board Games.

This year was my first year attending, and I jumped at the chance to tell people about our journey to setup a mobile device lab for TechHub. My session was called �How (and Why) to set up a Mobile Device Lab�. As well as talking about why mobile testing is important, participants were able to see some of the devices we've put together in our lab for TechHub members.

Thanks to the organisers and sponsors, we hope to see you all again next year!

Hope Thomas is TechHub's Product Manager. TechHub helps Startups get better, faster. Learn more about becoming a member of our community or our tech events in London.