Types of Membership - Bucharest

TechHub offers two types of membership in Bucharest, all members are entitled to the same benefits and access to the community, including the online network, 100mbps internet connection, printing facilities and free or discounted events and meeting rooms. The only difference is the working environment and availability. The workspace is a tool, what TechHub really focuses on providing is community.

Flex - �80 per month Flexible coworking for individuals wishing to access space a day or two each week, constricted by opening hours of the local TechHub. Typically this membership consists of entrepreneurs who work mostly from home or are at off-site meetings, individuals currently in other employment who haven�t yet made the full break to running a business, international business people and a sprinkling of students.

Resident - �120 per month A fixed desk in a shared workspace with 24/7 access. Typically Resident Members are focusing full time on their business, and may be working alone or with one to five other team members. They may be the first local employee of an international startup working on entry into the local market.

All TechHub members have access to all other TechHub sites. Flex members can access international sites for up to 60 days per year while Resident and Team members have unlimited access. Regardless of membership type all visiting members will use the Flex space of that TechHub and thus be subject to office hours.

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