Twenty Question Tuesdays #12

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Welcome to the latest edition of Twenty Question Tuesdays with TechHub Swansea.

Last week we met Suzi from CDSM. This week, we're chatting to Andy, a TechHub Member and Developer for Skippr.

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So, over to Andy and his 20 answers...

1. What is your expertise? I'm the iOS developer at Skippr, but have also done some of the back end work written in Ruby on Rails. I also have Javascript and C++ experience.

I've just completed my PhD in Image and Volume reconstruction, so as little as it applies to what I am currently doing theres always that to fall back on.

2. Tell us what a normal day for you looks like.

Our team has recently switched to SCRUMM so the first thing we do is daily updates. I list what was completed the day before and what I aim to tackle today and any roadblocks or problems that might be in the way.

Then it's down to work tackling cards. As the iOS developer I need an awareness of what development has been done on the backend and sometimes fixing bugs and errors there.

I also enjoy helping with some of the marketing and business decisions but at the moment it's all hands on deck to get the iOS app done.

3. How long have you been involved in Tech?

I started in 2012 while I was doing my PhD entering the Terry Matthews £250 challenge with my first app "What's That Butterfly" - a field guide to British Butterflies written with the help of an Ecology Student friend of mine. We won the green award for that and through various events met Matt Warren from Techhub and Mike Scott from Indycube. They introduced me to the the start up community here in Swansea and the rest is history.

4. What does your company do?

We provide a suite of marketing tools for Instagram (with plans to expand to other social networks later). We provide in-depth analytics for both you and your competitor, as well as scheduling and reposting tools.

5. What role do you have now and how long have you been in it?

I'm the lead iOS developer at Skippr and have been for the last 10 months.

6. How did you end up in your current role?

I tried starting an App Development agency last year but unfortunately could not work out some scalability problems. I attended Startup Weekend Swansea last November and joined the Skippr team going on to win the competition.

7. Whats the most rewarding thing about your job, what makes it all worthwhile?

Overcoming the challenges, both programming and managerial. We have a number of developers in Eastern Europe so there are challenges with working with a remote team.

I've learned so much over the last 10 months and it shows no signs of slowing down. I'm just trying to absorb as much knowledge and experience as I can.

8. What are your greatest achievements to date?

Finally getting my PhD finished. It was a hard slog and not the most enjoyable experience of my life. But it's shown me I can overcome something like that.

9. What do you do when you’re not in work?

I'm a pretty avid gamer. I'm also prone to Netflix binges on an all too frequent basis.

10. Which area do you live in and how long have you been living there?

I've been living in the Brynmill area for the last 7 years.

11. What would you like to see happen to your Tech Scene immediately and in the future?

I'd like to see less focus on London and Silicon Valley. People to realise that you can create a successful startup outside of those areas. I've had some friends scoff at me for not moving to London.

12. If you had to recommend one book, film or game to me, what would it be and why?

Flatland, by Edwin A. Abbott. A satirical look of Victorian Social structure which is still surprisingly relevant today. Also looking at notions of believe and closed mindedness.

13. Name three things you would take with you on a foreign holiday.

My phone - obviously. Considering how much phones can do these days this feels like cheating.

14. Mac, Linux or PC?

I have one of each. Why not best of all

15. Xbox, PS4, or PC (or other)?

Can't we all just be friends?

16. What is your claim to fame?

I have none what so ever. What have I done with the last 27 years?!

17. If they made a film of your life, who would play you?

The Inbetweeners sums up my life far too accurately already.

18. Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

Myself 20 years from now. But I'd hope I'd be too busy and successful by that point to make it and would get my PA to cancel.

19. Tell us something about yourself that people wouldn’t expect.

I used to sing a lot in school. Was in the school and county Choirs. Performed solo and in small groups and perhaps could have taken it further if I wasn't such a lazy kid.

20. What's your superpower, or what's your spirit animal?

Who doesn't want to be a chameleon? They can look in two directions at once!



How long has your company been operating?

10 months

What is your company’s expertise / core product?

A suite of marketing tools for Instagram. In-depth analytics of your account, as well as scheduling and reposting tools.

What are your company's greatest achievements to date?

Since launching we've had a number of large Instagram accounts and brands using the app with zero marketing spend. Including models, retail stores and a major Portuguese beer brand.

What will your company be doing in 5 years time?

We will be the number one marketing suite of multimedia based social networks.

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