Top Tips for Startups from Dorsey

We are often asked by founders and aspiring entrepreneurs for some top tips that help ensure the succeess of their start-ups. There are a few key principles that, if followed, can balance the odds of success in their favour.

  • Make a difference and be different � introduce an idea, product or service that is innovative;

  • Ensure you have a great team � they can be an invaluable asset and the foundation of a business;

  • Think big � aim high, focus globally rather than concentrating on a narrow market;

  • Adapt � be flexible and respond to market changes and market needs;

  • Don�t be afraid � take risks, some mistakes are inevitable on the learning curve to success;

  • Be passionate � start-up entrepreneurship is hard work, drive and passion will make it more fun; and

  • Find an investor who is a good match � an investor must be compatible with the business and share the same passion and mindset.

  • Lastly, remember everything is possible.

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