Top 6 newsletters to sign up to to keep up with the startup world

Being a founder or an early employee at a startup usually means that not only you have to do your own job, but also figure out who is responsible for what and put in place various processes. In addition to all this you have to be aware of everything happening around you in the wider startup ecosystem. At TechHub we created a support programme that helps you figure out the startup processes and how to scale. We thought we should do even more than that and help you stay up to date with the ecosystem, out of hundreds of newsletters and websites we chose six that are worth signing up to.


TechStars Startup Digest London
A very handy weekly newsletter that keeps you up to date with all startup and tech events happening on the London startup scene. Tip: make sure you keep an eye on the upcoming events, as some of them will sell out very quickly.


Benedict’s Newsletter by Benedict Evans
Ben Evans probably has the largest newsletter audience on this list (a circulation of over 22,000 readers) and the newsletter comes out usually once a week or once a fortnight.
This newsletter covers pretty much everything and rounds up news, thought pieces by tech leaders, research, and statistics.

AI Newsletter
This is great for keeping up to date with most artificial intelligence and machine learning news. Often some of the best parts are at the very end of the newsletter, usually it’s some fun ai meets pop culture news, as well as a black mirror style short story.

Launch Ticket
All the tech headlines with a paragraph of information on each. It definitely helps keep up with startup and business news. The one minus is that they tend to send the newsletter out more often than I would have liked.

The Beta List
For everyone who wants to stay a bit ahead of the curve and have an overview of what types of companies are emerging, the Beta Lists shortlists tech companies that have just launched.

For your morale

Small Victories - Know your rights
Thought US focused this newsletter collects happy social news and small victories from around the world. Not a tech newsletter but a much-needed dose of optimism to boost your morale that underdogs can change the world for the better.

As a bonus seventh entry, we cannot overlook our own TechHub newsletter which comes out in the second half of the month. You can sign up to it here.

If you yourself run a startup related newsletter please do get in touch with us and flag it up and also check our members Letterfuel who make curated newsletters much easier.