'Tools for Devs & Startups' - June 2012 Demo Night at TechHub

Our June demo night is all about helping developers and startups get better, faster.

This months theme is 'Tools for Devs & Startups'!

Our fabulous demo-ers:

Chris Moisan - TestPad Testpad�s structured checklists, lightning-quick editor, and unique mobile control panelmake it hard to imagine a faster way to prove your product works, release after release.

Ivan Pedrazas - :blibb :blibb allows you to define and access your structured data in a simple and easy way. Blubles.com is a mobile app powered by :blibb

Steve Karmeinsky MySQL Monitoring and Database Performance Analytics � Identify performance bottlenecks, peaks, and trens with visual analytics. See historical, current, and predictive statistics to help you understand how your servers are performing.

Tom Mleko - Hyperbees HyperBees � an Android games publisher based in London. They are working now on a tool that will enable mobile developers operating in free-to-play model to earn more money through better user segmentation, in-shop management, and communication with the players community. The tool is being built now and, hopefully, they will be able to start open beta at the end of June.

Robert Munro - Vectoroid Vectoroid is an API for developers to make drawing applications and interactive drawings. It has applications in games, presentation software, diagramming, notes, prototyping and numerous other areas. (new website coming)

Matthew Painter - IMPORT-IO IMPORT-IO imports data, normalises it, and exports it to your applications, in real time.

Giovanni Bisutti � Big Fat Soft-Key� by InputDynamics The Big Fat Soft-Key� is a software-only upgrade for smarter smartphones enabling the user to impart commands by tapping anywhere on the casework without the need for new hardware.

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