Tips & tricks on how to set up your own crowdfunding campaign

Last week we had the pleasure of building a hands on approach of a subject interesting to many entrepreneurs and startups: crowdfunding for tech products.

Our 3 guests: Milian Theodor, CEO X-Projects, Dragos-Florin Stanculescu, Co-Founder & CEO at FaceRig (Holotech Studios) and Catalin Vasile, Vice-President at Crestem Idei, shared their challenges, their successes and the things they could've done better before, during or after the campaign.

The most valuable lesson of their experiences was the same convergent conclusion: that, before starting the campaign, you have to do your research, especially from a legal and financial perspective, and you have to be able to quickly assimilate the unforeseen factors that will inevitably come up.

It was quite a long talk, but we summed it up for you in this slide deck:

[:slideshare 35380830]

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