Tim Morgan joins TechHub Swansea

We are delighted to formally announce that Tim Morgan will be joining Paul Harwood and Matt Warren as a Director of TechHub Swansea.

So... in a kind of celebratory way, we thought we would write a short piece about the impact of Tim Morgan�s appointment and just what it means for us and for the tech scene here in Swansea. Why? Because it is a very big deal for us (very big) and means that we are fulfilling our promise to the tech community here to give people the best chance of making it.

Creating startups is hard, making them into successful ventures is really hard, doing it outside a major international city - harder still. You need to have good people in your team and all around you, supporting you. People who can cast a critical and experienced eye over your path and warn you about that big thing that will kill you, or just help you make money (to be less dramatic).

Voices like that can be worth everything, especially voices that have no agenda, and are just in it to pay it back and see success for success� sake.

Tim is a great entrepreneur, he�s been where we all are right now with our companies or ideas and then taken those ideas and helped make them work. I�ll repeat that for those who don�t really appreciate that statement and just how much is involved in that - he�s helped turn ideas into successful technology products and services, lots.

His main vehicle for doing this - Mint Digital, is 10 years old and has delivered projects with Benetton, Goldman Sachs, Penguin, Channel 4, BBC, Tesco, NHS England, vInspired, the Cabinet Office and more. The team there are awesome and work to change things, to add real value, and are highly respected in both the London and New York tech scenes.

Networks and networking are a vital piece of connecting Swansea�s tech scene to the rest of the world. We are in this to create a magnet city of global significance with export tech businesses and export tech jobs for the good of Swansea and South Wales.

Credibility opens those networking doors right up and Tim�s appointment will open up more access to more super cool people and events for the community in the coming years, you wait and see!

We have a fantastic community here, with some mind blowing people starting really great tech companies and we are hungry for more. We�ve also a clear vision for the future of Swansea�s tech scene. Now the knowledge and network that Tim brings to our party will set us up for a long time to come.

Croeso Tim!