This sporting week at TechHub: Splashpath & Speedo and TechHub & Olympic Park

Two brief pieces of news for you from TechHub London...

Huge congratulations to TechHub Member Dan Morgan and the Active in Time team on their announcement that their Splashpath app will be partnering with Speedo. We're thrilled here at "geek central" to see their success and some great press coverage from HuffPo and the FT.

Also on somewhat of a sporting theme, we've written here before about TechHub's plans to open in the former Olympic Park in Stratford, and now the BBC's picked up the baton on the iCITY project. With a TechHub at Olympic Park joining the growing number of TechHubs in the UK and around the world, we plan to close the loop between the existing tech cluster in Shoreditch, and the growing tech community further East.

While we haven't yet released details of all that you can expect from TechHub at iCITY, as a sneak preview we can tell you that one feature will be more services for hardware/software companies, as we're seeing more and more TechHub members creating hardware products or using hardware in innovative ways in their businesses. Proper space for all those soldering irons!

There will also be plenty of space for companies wanting to take advantage of TechHub Team Membership - where, alongside TechHub Flex Memberships for each member of your team, you can have flexible private or semi-private workspace for your whole company.

If you're interested in either of these features, or anything else about TechHub at iCITY, drop us a line at with TechHub at iCITY in the subject and a few details about your company and your interest, and we'll make sure you're amongst the first to know about the opportunities available to you at the new TechHub.

Image: Dan Morgan