The story behind The 'WorkFu' Team

This week, a huge congrats goes out to WorkFu, a brand-new tool for finding talent and posting employment opportunities that was launched by some awesome TechHub Members; Neil Kinnish, Mike Kus, Pete Nelson and Adam Martin.

So, what's the story behind WorkFu?

The team wanted to solve problems, and came together out of an entrepreneurial and creative desire to do their own thing.

WorkFu's Adam Martin says:

Neil brought us all together, I'd worked with him previously on a street art ecommerce site, he and Pete worked together and Neil and Mike were friends. We all had a background in digital creative agencies and had always wanted to do our own thing and to work on a big idea, solving a big problem and create a social platform at the heart of our working lives.

We all live in different parts of the UK, so TechHub has been an invaluable place to meet regularly, also we really like the coffee in the canteen in the basement, and the cakes, the cakes are nice too.

(We can't deny that the cakes downstairs really are nice)

For a lovely bit of background info on each of the WorkFu chaps, read on.

Neil Kinnish

In 2002 Neil collaborated on a global street art project, StickerNation which pre-dated user generated content sites like Flickr and was a non profit, self initiated social network dedicated to showcasing and supporting sticker artists. The site featured interviews with various artists and offered free downloadable sticker artwork to stick and share. By the
time the site closed the archive had over 35,000 images from over 5000 different artists and had won the 2004 SXSW Award for Art.

In 2004 Neil co-founded a successful digital agency, TAK! working with clients such as Virgin, Clarks Originals, BMAG, Ikon Gallery and Modern Art Oxford to name just a few. TAK! picked up a few awards on the way, such as an SXSW, BIMA, BETT, DADI, Honouree Webby and more.

Neil has over 11 years experience delivering strategic ideas, large scale creative digital projects as well as experience of building and running a successful digital team and agency.

Mike Kus

Mike has been a Graphic Designer for ?fteen years and for the the last 4 of them has mainly been designing for the web.

Up until March 2011 he had spent three years as lead designer at @carsoni?ed before leaving to start his own design business. He now designs for clients worldwide in web, mobile and print. You can view his work at

Mike is considered a leading designer within his ?eld and regularly speaks at conferences around the world, most recently Future Insights in Las Vegas. Mike has been nominated for various awards, including .NET designer of the year.

Pete Nelson

In 2008 Pete invested in and joined one of the UK�s top design agencies TAK! to help build high pro?le data-heavy sites such as

In 2006 Pete single-handedly architected and built a safety training system for one of Europe's largest power companies which has inducted every one of the hundreds of thousands of contractors that work on their generating sites each year.

In 2003 Pete joined Australian startup Law of the Jungle to troubleshoot damaging scaling issues. With limited resources Pete re-engineered the web app which in turn allowed the CEO to win clients such as SunCorp Metway, BOC, Diageo and ScheringPlough. This ultimately led to a signi?cant investment by the Paul Ramsay Group.

Pete has an MSc Computer Science (Distinction) from one of the UK�s top Computer Science departments.

Adam Martin

Adam began his career as a talent agent at Europe�s leading agency, United Agents where he was responsible for managing talent including Ricky Gervais, Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley and Steve Knight (creator of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire) . His remit included developing digital IP and brand partnerships for the client roster.

He left United Agents to work in advertising, first at global communications agency Naked, where he created the UK�s most successful branded entertainment format to date, Mid Morning Matters With Alan Partridge, a 12 x 15 min web series in association with Heineken UK and which has since been sold to HBO. He left Naked to become Partner and Director of Innovation at digital creative agency Society46 in Stockholm
where he worked with clients including Google, Nike and Amnesty International and won a Webby Award.

He brings extensive strategic marketing, sales and social media management skills to WorkFu.

Another big congrats to WorkFu on your launch!

*If you're looking to find talent (or a new career), head on over to WorkFu right now :)! *