The '' story�s beginnings date back to May 2012 when its founders were working as volunteers in the local NGO space, trying to improve various teaching methods at the Slovak universities. Realising that lecturers firstly need to know what they do well and where they fall behind, the idea that emerged fast was to come up with an effective tech tool to get an instant feedback from students so they didn't have to fill in printed surveys after each and every lecture.

Wanting to take the concept forward, the founders needed right people on board. But where does one find a designer and a developer who would be willing to start work on what was just a simple idea?

At the time, the founders Peter Komornik and Rastislav Molnar decided to attend Startup Weekend Bratislava and thought the event would make for a perfect head-hunting. They got lucky and met an experienced designer and an excellent web developer right there and then - soon after, the team had a working web-based app finalised and the testing could begin.

After the motivating kick-off, the team changed its name to Instando and commenced focusing on conference organisers who could get an instant feedback from their audiences. However, the name was still not fitting and the team felt that if they wanted to start marketing the product seriously, a more catchy name was needed. They finally settled on - a name making a reference to a slide in the presentation and the ease of use of when you slide your finger to unlock your iPhone.

At that moment, the team was still focusing on getting feedback from the audience, and it was their first customer that suggested they should implement a feature that would enable the audience to ask questions. Realising that regardless of which country your events are held, the audiences around the globe are always afraid of publicly asking questions. And so what was first considered a nice add-on, became the product's core feature.

After testing the product at over 50 conferences worldwide, a business developer got onboard and the decision to focus on London was made. The team packed their belongings and without any real contacts in the space, they set off for the UK capital. It was at TechHub Demo Night in November last year that the potential of the product and it's focus on start-up events was made. It was also here that one of company's first paying customers in London TaylorWessing tried and fell in love with the product.

The initial success was followed by a very fast progress, and the team since participated (and won!) a number of tech competitions including [StartupWeekend Bratislava May '12] (, The Best Event Startup at Event Technology Awards and The best tool at the #Fresh14 Conference and got into SeedCamp London mentoring week.

Peter says:

'I really like to see organisers wanting to engage their audiences further. I believe it enhances learning and helps everyone. I believe that after we've proved our product to be useful for events in London, we can take it anywhere in the world. Despite us not being based at TechHub currently, for us, this was the place that became our starting platform - people at TechHub have an incredible passion for start-ups and they will provide you with the right motivational kick to pursue your dream. So if you have a product that you want to see rise, come to TechHub Demo Night and pitch your idea. You�ll have a chance to get valuable feedback from your peers, meet the right people, and get new ideas how to improve your product.'