The meaningful name (or how to chose a perfect name for your start-up)

Richard Corbett, founder of Eyetease - a digital media start-up that gives real time advertising and in car wi-fi to London�s black taxi�s and a long-standing TechHub member, has been very recently featured on, speaking on how to create the perfect name for your startup, and giving his thoughts on how to build the perfect brand. He's been asked for his advice alongise entreprenours such as Paul Joyce (founder of Geckoboard), Mark Attwood (founder of Attwood Digital) and Ambarish Mitra (CEO and founder of Blippar).

Richard says:

The more stimulus you are presented with in the outside world (and away from the computer!), the better chance you have to be inspired to select an awesome name. Eyetease was a product of simply opening my bedroom window and seeing a �striptease� sign outside (I live in Shoreditch, London�there are a lot of these!). But, it gave me the inspiration I needed to create a unique brand name!

Richard's top tip is to keep your name to two syllables only - it is no surprise that some of the world�s leading brands work to this unwritten rule: Vir-gin, Ap-ple, Face-book, e-bay, goo-gle, eye-tease (ha!). Make sure you get get the .com to your name too. If you have plans for international success, go for .com or go home. On the one hand this presents many restrictions when choosing a name. On the other hand, it provokes you to think more creatively and differently�so embrace the challenge!

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