The Launch of I Style Myself!

I Style Myself - an instant wardrobe stylist and TechHub members, launched their game changing fashion start-up last week. Developing a proprietary algorithm that instantly forms wardrobe items (clothes, shoes, accessories) into stylish outfits their aim to enable women to easily re-create their wardrobes online and plan their outfits without any hassle. Within seconds you can discover tens of different ways of wearing each item you own and shop only among those products that are perfect for each user individually. Working with body type and colour science I STYLE MYSELF tailors options and personalizes the shopping experience. Incorporating pieces already owned as well as offering new and exciting options to maximize both your wardrobes potential and expanding your style comfort zone. With global retailers on board, such as Harrods and Reiss, I Style Myself has already algorithmically created over 30,000 looks and counting.

Based at London's TechHub, and with Google engineers & PR and former CTO of on board, this exciting startup was founded by Kabardian Diana Tkhamadokova and Brit Hannah Teare. Diana was born in a family that sewed clothes for the family members and grew up acutely aware of how different cuts suited different body shapes. Hannah is a Celebrity Stylist and the former Fashion Director of Tatler magazine with a wealth of experience in the fashion industry. Both very passionate about celebrating women and on a mission to free up their time and put them in the driving seat of their style transformation so that the next time someone tells them �You look amazing!�, asking them about who their stylist was, they can proudly say, �I Style Myself�.

Diana Tkhamadokova told us:

'Working at Techhub has given us the best of both worlds - allowing us to benefit from both, TechHub and Google Campus events. All the staff at TechHub have gone out of their way any time we've asked for help, whether it was usability tests, copywriting, organising VC breakfasts or solving some operational issues and have been absolute delight to have around'

With press already picking up interest (see recent article in Evening Standard-to-wear-these-two-women-have-cracked-the-algorithm-for-your-wardrobe-8999769.html), these are exiting times for this game changing start-up and we are proud to be a part of their journey. And if you'd also like to join them, you're in luck as they're currently hiring :) See full job description for Senior Backend developer here, and if you want to iOS developer position, go here.

For more info on the roles or anything else, feel free to drop Diana an email anytime - she'd be happy to chat!