The future is being made in TechHub - test it!

Every day in TechHub we can see our members furiously planning, designing, building, and selling tomorrow's technology. Startups have been at the cutting edge for some time now, and we found ourselves wanting to share these exciting developments with the public.

So, for the first time, we're open our doors for you to come and see what the future will look like! You'll be testing, trialling, exploring, and putting some unique products through their paces. You can sign up to the event here, and we've outlined below some of the demoing companies, so that you can know what to expect!


Hiyalife is somewhere to build your life story online through memories, private and shared. It's a cross between a digital scrapbook and a biography, where you become part of an intertwining network of moments by sharing or adding memories from others.

They want you to test their site, see what you like and give your feedback!


Signkick is an online booking platform that allows anyone to instantly book billboards and roadside panels, making outdoor marketing affordable to businesses of any size. As a tester, you will be booking bus stops and billboards, to help them streamline their user process.


MonkeySource have the MVP for their travel app, and it's ready for some road tests. They want you to try out the app and give your feedback.

Cavecast will be live-streaming games to us, so that you can view their screens from your own device. They'd love to know what you think, and how the app is working on multiple devices at once!


Flat-Club is all about short term renting, helping hosts and guests arrange stays with others they already trust - friends of friends, alumni of universities and members of top companies. They are soon re-launching a complete new platform after 2 years of trading, and would like testers to help with feedback on the new user interface and new features, prior to launch.

Captive Media

You're in for a real treat here. Captive Media provide entertainment for gentleman whilst relieving themselves through controlling games, playing quizzes and taking polls. Don't worry, you don't have to 'go', they have a syringe to help you test their product. Apparently the testing is surprisingly popular with girls!

This really takes live-streaming to a new level!

The Mash Machine

The Mash Machine simplifies the process of being a DJ. Sound loops - sorted into drums, basses, melodies and vocals - are placed on the machine's surface, to make an instant mashup. The loops can then be moved around to build and enhance effects.

They want to know how you like to use it, and we'd love some great background music for the event.


FUME let's you set reminders for your favourite shows, and rant and rave about what you're currently watching - polarising opinion before, during and after broadcasts. It let's you keep your finger on the pulse for the shows people are talking about, while creating debate as they unravel.

They're looking for their first live testers to sit back, watch some TV, and have a bit of a rave about it!

What's This?

What's This is a new app that takes your surroundings and turns it into a guessing game. Take a photo of anything (yourself, a printer, a window, your dog), distort it using the built in features, and then ask your friend to guess what it was!

They're looking to see how people use the app, and simply how much you enjoy it!


Swiftkey was the most downloaded Android app of 2012, and they want you to test their new products. As well as bringing in their new exciting updates, their own tech testers will be coming for the day.

We're certainly excited to see all the different companies that will be showcasing their products, so if you are too make sure to book your ticket now!