The first TechHub Demo Night of 2013

It's getting a bit late to welcome in the New Year, but we've got a great cohort of companies raring to show you what they've been up to so far in 2013! Let's have a look at the great companies we've got demoing...


Passverse aims to provide companies with a range of services built around Apple's Passbook, starting with Coupons. Essentially, they allow you to design and distribute your own coupons, store cards and tickets. You can use their platform to analyse your data and optimise strategy too.


Subscrib are a new brick-and-mortar subscription service that saves consumers money, and helps merchants retain their customers for longer. As a consumer, you pay a monthly fee, and get bonuses on your purchases. For example, you can join Dose (downstairs in Campus) for �40 per month, and you get �50 worth of purchases!


Signkick aim to make booking a billboard as easy as buying a book online. By doing this, they are democratising outdoor advertising, and giving small/local advertisers access to a powerful medium.


Trustev provides real time, online identity verification using their unique social fingerprinting technology. They aim to put the 'who' and not just the 'how' back into online payments, and verify your customers identity. This helps businesses ensure that they're dealing with real, live humans and not a fraudster or automated fraud attack.


Scurri gathers, manages and measures delivery data for e-Commerce merchants. They help reduce shopping cart abandonment, increase customer satisfaction ratings and save on delivery costs. Scurri's aim is to improve the world of e-Logistics by taking the complexity out of managing deliveries for e-Commerce Merchants.

Fitness Freak

Fitness Freak allows the consumer to find and book fitness classes as easily as it is to find and book a restaurant online.
Ultimately, they aim to become a one stop shop for the fitness enthusiast; keeping users up to date with all the latest fitness news, classes, reviews and workout trends creating an aspirational fitness brand.

Night Owl

Night Owl is a searchable guide which allows the user to chose from a variety of criteria, such as location, prices and ratings to finding specific nights out. With this app users can choose a venue according to their current location, make a list of favourites, check in and see check-in statistics, add themselves and friends to the guest list and much more.

Our generous sponsors for the evenings event are Swiftkey, which was the best selling Android app of 2012! They are helping us provide drinks and pizza for everyone attending, so make sure to show them the appropriate February love.

So, that's what we've got to look forward to at Demo Night, make sure to book your ticket and come along! Get your ticket from here and share a beer, slice of pizza and your feedback with us.