The Big G is Coming to Swansea!

No, not Ali G. No, not the Government. Google! Unfortunately no, I�m not talking about Google Fibre, that�s still only in the US.

Google is coming!

They�re coming to talk about their Cloud Services Platform on Tuesday 19th August. The talk will introduce the Cloud Platform and go into a bit more detail about some of the services that run on it.

Now we have got Google coming down so it would be rude to leave it just at that.

On Tuesday, following the talk, we�re going to introduce the fun that�s to be had the next day. We�re going to run a hackathon to see what you can build using the Google Cloud Platform. We�ll announce more details closer to the time as to what your team is going to be aiming to build.

But what I can say is there will be prizes for the winner as chosen by our panel of Judges. Prizes will definitely include a trophy for you to take home and display with pride amongst some other awesome rewards (again, we�ll let you know closer to the date!).

We�ll be open from early on the Wednesday so you can hack to your hearts content and will be providing food and drinks throughout the date to keep you fueled!

More details can be found all over, check out:

Eventbrite (You will need to book your place here.)


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