TechHubTuesday Demo Night - Internet Week Europe Special

Many TechHubbers and regulars are familiar with Demo Night at TechHub. After all, we've had quite a few since our opening and have witnessed some amazing companies and individuals that are transforming the London tech scene, and beyond, with their products.

With Internet Week Europe taking place the same week, we've decided to give our usual Demo Night a European twist. This means we'll be featuring some amazing companies proudly based in Europe (two from Latvia and one from Germany, plus a US company). The usual things that make Demo Night great such as networking, food, and drinks will all be available.

Here are some of the brilliant companies participating:

Recently winning Series B funding in the amount of $10 million dollars madvertise are finding themselves in the greatest transition for a startup, moving towards a full fledged business! The ladies at madvertise are beloved members of TechHub and an exciting and spirited bunch who add an optimistic flair to everything they do. Women entrepreneurs, this one is for you! A company that knows how to reap the rewards of the mobile web movement is surely set to take over the continent and perhaps even more!

Think global networking and social media are synonymous with being online? Meet the folks at LinkOut, a London startup that wants to make the world of online networking work offline. With many leading techies claiming that LinkOut is a tool that will help the UK digital economy flourish and has the potential to become the ultimate networking tool it's easy to see why such a group would be included in our Demo Night.

Apps aren't cool unless they can communicate. That's why the people at Twilio specialise in providing infrastructure APIs for businesses to build scalable, reliable voice and text messaging apps. Nothing like upgrading the communicative power of your business.

In an industry that has changed little for generations cafes, bars and restaurants might be hit with a surprise soon. Will it be game changing? Find out with Amooz! Going to their website won't reveal much, as they're working in stealth mode, so don't miss the unveiling at demo night!

The new way to rent a car. So what's new about it? Rentmama gives you more tools to compare competitors and customise your experience just the way you want it. Surely building and running a startup requires some travel, so why not come and check out an easy way to get some sweet wheels while saving on some great deals.

A healthy dose of information in the 21st century no longer needs to come from a hospital, clinic or even from a doctor visit. The folks at healthloop are creating the best dose for our new social world. With patient engagement and recovery lacking in many countries healthloop is creating a new way for patients to stay better informed and connected with their doctors.

With, developers can concentrate on implementation of their ideas rather than on searching for data sources, building infrastructure and writing an advanced code. Also provides infrastructure with guaranteed infinite scalability and flawless performance. They realtime the web!

As you can see these companies are wide ranging and will provide something for everyone. Be there at the beginning of their great journeys all in one place...