TechHubTuesday 2018 Demoers: what are they up to now?

Since October 2010, our monthly #TechHubTuesday Demo nights have become our flagship event. The premise is easy - 3 minutes to demo, 3 minutes for a Q&A, and live feedback to encourage as much useful product input for the startups as possible, all from a 130 strong audience full of other founders, investors, corporates and startup enthusiasts.


In 2018 we ran nine Demo Nights, creating a platform for 61 startups to demo their products to a combined audience of 2,300+ people, including 185 investors and 176 corporates.

We also took demo night on tour for the first time in 2018, partnering with both Transferwise and Grant Thornton to co-host November and December events, with a focus for fintech products for our Transferwise event.

If you’re considering demoing at one of our demo nights in 2019, you may be wondering what happened to this year's lineup, so we’ve taken the time to highlight some of our demoers key achievements below.

Thanks to all those that demoed this year, and helped make 2018 demo nights so memorable.

So the 61 companies that demoed - what are they up to now?

Demo Night: November
TechHub alumni is your mobile acquisition team's AI powered analyst. In November raised $1.6m in Seed money with Partech as their lead investor.

alt Farillio

Demo Night: May
TechHub member
In May Farillio's founder former lawyer Merlie Calvert presented the legal platform for startups and SMEs where you can find every type of legal documents you will ever need. In September Farillio raised £650,000 in Angel funding.

alt TaxScouts

Demo Night: May
TechHub member
Co-Founders Dan (Marketinvoice alumni) and Tram (employee No 8 at Transferwise) presented TaxSouts a FinTech startup focusing on making tax preparation and submission for self-employed people easier. They raised £300,000 in July.

City Munch

Demo Night: June
TechHub members
At the end of June City Munch, a restaurant discovery and discount platform, has successfully closed a crowdfunding round of £174,582 via Seedrs.

alt Cashmere

Demo Night: November
Urenna Okonkwo the founder presented Cashmere App at the Demo night at Transferwise. Cashmere is a savings account for luxury clothes with a social aspect of educating millennials and GenZ users about budgeting and personal finance. At the end of November Urenna announced that she has successfully closed £150,000 in investment.

Feral Horses

Demo Night: June
Feral Horses presented their platform that allows you to invest in art by buying and trading shares of artworks, a few months after closing their funding round on Seedrs where they raised £135,342.


Demo Night: May
TechHub Member
A few months after demoing Moneycado, a saving account for travel, Oliver joined TechHub as a member, where he was joined by his co-founder Matt. In August the company was accepted to join Founders Factory.

Erase All Kittens

Demo Night: April
Shwetal Shah demoed the Kickstarter funded video game to teach coding and perception of coding and real-world skills to 8-13-year-old girls. This year Forbes listed Shwetal 30 under 30.

Demo Night: February is a platform that brings transparency to social funding through blockchain technology. It was part of the Campus Pilot programme in Autumn 2018.

Giki Badges

Demo Night: May
Giki a shopping app that encourages people to choose healthier and more ethically sourced alternatives had an impressive write up in the Evening Standard.



Demo Night: November
TechHub member
Simba Pay, a pan African payment transfer solution, had a busy 2018. Launching a Pan-Africa remittances chatbot in collaboration with Interswitch. As well as launching Kenya to China payment service over WeChat.


Demo Night: February
Organise had a big success recently where their members called out harassment at Ted Baker. They were also named the FT and Google's top 100 digital champions.


Demo Night: June
In 2018 CareAcross expanded their free breast cancer support service to 5 countries and released similar services for lung, bowel and prostate cancer.

And the full lineup of demoers is below


Tech Against Terrorism, Changer, Swap My Vote, WhatDOTheyKnowPro, Faith Circle, Organise, Alice Ai, React


More Than Carrots, FLOW-e, Lobster, Revivall,


Erase All Kittens, MiniDeed, Napsis, Pilcro,
Piktical, Scoobie, Top Deck Tour Guide

alt May

Farillio, Apperia, Giki, Moneycado, TaxScouts, Tiptapp


Beespoke, CareAcross, CityMunch,
Feral Horses, HYPER CRUNCH, Seedlegals, Skillhunt, Trakti


Solna,, VRtuoso, Eola, Wavemining


Aptlink, Gigstr, GoPinLeads, MEETIG8, Stockcubes, SmartContx

November,Cashmere, DataSine, Flawless App, MetaSemantics, SimbaPay, Yapily, Metadata


Adiós, Sail CI, CoVentured, Flair Atelier, SPORTS100, Personably, Chune App, TubeChat

If you want to Demo with us in 2019 please apply here.

And our next #TechHubTuesday Demo Night will take place in February.