TechHub's first ever Blind Date

At TechHub, we love startups, so there's no way that we could ignore Valentine's Day. As well as making sure all of London knew how we felt (with a little help from Eyetease), we wanted to help startups meet VC's.

And what better way than with our very own version of Blind Date? We had loads of companies apply, and we sorted them into categories based on the VCs area of expertise. We ended up with 12 great companies, ready to woo 4 investors.

Mike Butcher played the flirtatious role of Cilla Black with alarming ease, even dubbing one company "Air BnB for breasts", while helping the VCs separate fact from innuendo.

The chosen companies from each round were; Wigwamm, CosmeLogical, Book Machine and, and we've arranged for them each to have a wonderful dinner with their VC.

And don't worry, if any "love" is found between any of the pairings, we'll be letting you all know.