TechHubbers Codified Security & Qredo announce an awesome team up!

Not everything that goes bump in the dark fibre is harmless. Phones, computers and electronics are growing to be more powerful and connected forces in our lives everyday. Part of this means an opening of greater vulnerabilities into the devices we rely on to power our lives. The notion of someone hacking into your house and turning on your washing machine isn’t just a poltergeist’s fantasy anymore. To earn this privileged role in our lives devices need to be worthy of trust and secure.

There are two companies at the very forefront of this effort - Qredo & Codified Security. Codified Security recognises that the pivotal role phones play in everyone’s everyday lives means that the data and permissions apps are allowed and to protect this roel provides a revolutionary new way to test mobile app’s security, ensuring phones can be trusted. Qredo knows that as more and more of our data gets online we need to make sure it’s kept in the right hands. Given the variable and often limited size of dev teams they need the right tools to make sure their apps and sites are safe. Qredo recognises this and delivers an easy to use end to end encryption tool!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - by getting the right people together in a physical space, good things happen. For some it can be schools, businesses or even garages! Others find themselves in a slightly more... colourful environment. Codified Security and Qredo found on the 3rd floor of TechHub London in Ropemaker Street, where both are based, that they began to see the magic possible if they worked in a team.

The two market leading security companies will work together to create a more secure environment for mobile, cloud apps and who knows what the future holds!