TechHub Work Experience - Sam's Story

My name is Sam Leswisse im 15 I�m from Birchgrove Swansea and go to Birchgrove Comprehensive School, I�m at TechHub for work experience, I picked this place because I like what they do and I work around similar things such as, Coding, Photoshop, and online Businesses I think I could learn a lot while I am here, In school I do Media Research, Computer Science and Art.

I am the Founder of a online community for Gamers we have servers on a range of Games and Platforms offering Members a choice for what they play, we are hoping soon to expand to getting a VPS. We already have 27 members and a staff team of 10, I am thinking of expanding it into a indie games design company and one day making it into a real business.

This community has been running for 4 years, We switched to Steam last year then setup a group 5 months ago, We don�t have a lot of members yet because there is so much competition with other groups, our growth expectations are 300-400 members in the next 12 months, we are not aiming to the top server community on Garry�s mod we just want to be the most user friendly and welcoming as possible for all are member as a whole, most of our members give us their ideas and we expand them.

When I leave school I either want to go into media or game developing for Valve or Bethesda Software, I want to start early on skills for my later career because It will be better to go into a Game Dev. Course already with an idea of what it is about.