TechHub Warsaw's "Dlog" campaign on Indiegogo!

We all love great news, don't we? Well, we've got one of those for you today! Håkon Årøen and his "Dlog" startup - a wireless reader for Freestyle Libre (a tool for diabetics to measure their blood sugar levels) - have just launched their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo!


Håkon, whom himself is a diabetic and a user of Freestyle Libre felt that the tool was great, but lacked the wireless capabilities (currently it only uses NFC scanning) necessary for constant connectivity with your smartphone or smartwatch. This is extremely important when blood sugar levels of the user are either too high or too low. That's why he decided to create Dlog, which attach itself to Freestyle Libre and allow for wireless connectivity between Freestyle Libre and your smartphone or smartwatch.


"Dlog is also working on a general diabetes management system to help diabetics better adjust their medication based on activity, food intake etc., and combining this with the hardware that automatically scans will give a very good dataset to work with." - Says Håkon.

Seems like a "must have" for the users of Freestyle Libre, doesn't it? The goal of the campaign is 45,000 USD and it will close in 18 days, so spread the word and help Håkon and his Dlog get funded so that diabetics all over the world can get a chance to wirelessly connect their Freestyle Libres to their smartphones and smartwatches for maximum convenience and constant connectivity.

The link to the campaign is right here.

Håkon and his Dlog have been members of TechHub Warsaw since its inception a little over half a year ago.