TechHub Swansea's advent calendar of tech predictions for 2019: What was behind those doors?

At the end of last year we challenged our community of startups and tech founders to predict future tech trends and innovations, emerging throughout 2019. If you didn’t manage to see them all don’t worry, as here's our roundup of what awaits:

  1. Autonomous HGV track testing will strengthen the viability for AV's to operate on the public highways in 2019. Iskander Abd-al-Kerim, founder and Managing Director of DAREKEapp

  2. With the first 5G-enabled handsets set to launch in 2019, we'll expect greater speed, capacity and coverage as well as exciting new applications. Sarah Williams, TechHub Swansea

  3. Remember how Mobile First Design shook the world up? 20% of searches are now via Voice. Voice interaction and Voice First Design are arriving. Reimagine your app, business or at least search strategy, right now! Paolo Di Terlizzi, Refresh Creative

  4. Disruptive I4.0 technologies in the healthcare sector will open up new possibilities to produce high quality, personalised devices, cheaply, which will radically transform the sector. Ilmar Designs

  5. I predict that we will see the first consumer devises to leave traditional Lithium-ion batteries behind in favour of faster, safer and higher-density alternatives. Tim John, TechHub Swansea Member

  6. Cities with access to 5G tech will have more opportunities and possibilities to be truly enabled. Data centres will process information fast enough for AV's and other IoT products to work how we want. Jen Clay, TechHub Swansea

  7. I predict a surge in pet-specific tech products, supported by Amazon's immanent launch of a pet tracker for your best friend! TechHub Swansea Member

  8. The successful rise of AI will require developments in Cyber Security and more thought around the ethical implications it poses. TechHub Swansea Member

  9. As blockchain's monetary value becomes more tangible, this will open up wider adoption across new sectors, unveiling exciting use cases we haven't seen before. TechHub Swansea Member

  10. With seamless integration of voice interfaces in your cars, you may be able to use your voice to shop during your daily commute, on the school run or on your way out out! TechHub Swansea Member

  11. Facial recognition through machine learning software will speed up in 2019. You could validate entry to gigs and events through a simple scan of your face! TechHub Swansea Member

  12. The "Digital Workforce" reimagines the workplace as we know it. Automation, robotics and AI, free employees from mundane, repetitive tasks. TechHub Swansea Member

  13. The first generation of folding screen mobiles will arrive - but they're likely to be expensive, sparse on the market and with design and usability tweaks required. TechHub Swansea Member

  14. Get set for biometric tech to take hold. Control your security, from unlocking your car to accessing your gym locker - just with your face or fingerprint. TechHub Swansea Member

  15. 3D printing breaks through. Innovation in metal-based printing will open up a multitude of new use cases, across multiple industries. TechHub Swansea Member

  16. A further rise in Progressive Web Apps. With speed and convenience playing a bigger role than ever, PWA's will offer companies an easier way of engaging with their customers via the web. TechHub Swansea Member

  17. We'll start to see our healthcare improved by AI - from wearable devices and apps that connect patients care with integrated healthcare systems. TechHub Swansea Member

  18. With smartphones hitting peak multi-function capability, we are going to see more single purpose devices that do one thing really well. Gerrit Niezen, Tidepool

  19. 2019 is expected to be a tipping point for automation and AI with over 50% of businesses expected to adopt these technologies, especially in relation to business process. Fiona Mclaren, B2Bxi

  20. With less overhead costs and time required to maintain servers, we're going to see a major increase in the use of serverless computing in 2019. Calvin Hughes, Veeqo

  21. 2019 will be the year of personal data. From fitness tracking to smart thermostats, we're about to know a lot more about our daily routines. TechHub Swansea Member

  22. IoT in travel matures in 2019. From connected hotel rooms, to suitcases fitted with sensors - letting you know when they are on the airport conveyer belt. TechHub Swansea Member

  23. Smart Homes finally become mainstream for new builds and renovations. For heating, lighting and security - voice activation will be the standard. Joe Williams, Tribe SEO

  24. With an ever increasing amount of data, smart businesses will capitalise on providing hyper-personalised customer experiences, this will in time become the norm. TechHub Swansea Member

We'll be keeping an eye out on these predictions over the upcoming year and looking forward to revealing how many of our members can actually predict future trends!

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