TechHub Swansea has a New Home!

As Marvin Gaye said "You heard it through the grapevine", and you may have already heard our news "through the grapevine" : s , but we’re delighted to officially announce that we’ve moved into a new building!

We are super, super proud of our shiny, colourful and snazzy new home, which is completely and utterly brand new and has stunning views across beaches and mountains too.

We’d like to give you a bit of a virtual tour from inside our new habitat, which covers a modest 11,000 sq ft!

Here’s our 3,000 sq ft co-working space on the 3rd floor which features super-fast internet with speeds up to 300Mbps, five individual Skype pods so you can make calls in private, and some swanky meeting rooms with 50” flatscreens and whiteboards.

TechHub Swansea
TechHub Swansea TechHub Swansea TechHub Swansea TechHub Swansea TechHub Swansea

Here’s one of the other meeting rooms available for members, an “indoor-outdoor” area complete with hammock for when the team needs to kick-back and relax.

TechHub Swansea TechHub Swansea

This is the 2,000 sq ft TechHub cafe, which is due to open to the public very soon. We have hanging power points for visitors to connect their phones and laptops (whether that’s for work or play), free 300Mbps WIFi, and the best coffee in Swansea (probably). Customers are encouraged to work and meet in this new space to help us build our already thriving tech community.

TechHub Swansea
TechHub Swansea TechHub Swansea TechHub Swansea TechHub Swansea

And here’s our beautiful, brightly coloured new home from the outside. We love visitors, so feel free to come down, say hi take a look for yourself!

TechHub Swansea

TechHub Swansea is also proud to present The Furnace, a DVLA sponsored event space for the tech community to use for workshops, meetups, conferences and hackathons. This dedicated floor in TechHub has room for 135 people, with three projectors and blazing fast 300Mbps Wifi provided by BT Ultrafast broadband.

TechHub Swansea TechHub Swansea

Situated right at the heart of the city, The Furnace is a dedicated tech community event space and scrum room that brings people together to create opportunities from technology.

TechHub Swansea TechHub Swansea The space was created for the benefit of South Wales as a whole, so we can share our tech and entrepreneurial expertise and learn from each other.

To become a member of this knockout space is surprisingly affordable. Members of TechHub can rent a full time desk from only £150 a month, or if you only need to use the space for a few days a week, we now offer a flexi membership at £30 a month.

The membership has loads of perks - like being able to freely book out the event space, scrum room and meeting rooms, to discounts in the cafe and free access to daytime and evening events.

This is on top of becoming a member of one of the biggest ever tech communities, with memberships that span the globe.

For you airport lounge lizards, your membership is also valid at any of the TechHubs across the world, including Bangalore, Bucharest, London, Madrid, Riga and Warsaw!

We know that co-working is not everyone's cup of tea, so we also offer dedicated office space for companies who need their own place. Starting from 750 sq ft to 10,000 sq ft, spaces are available from only £7 per sq ft.

We've made a great start, but our ultimate goal is to create a world class cluster of tech companies in Swansea, within and around TechHub, composed of startups and bigger tech companies.

This cluster will help pool together the best people in tech, where it will help companies share ideas and knowledge so they can continue to grow.

If you are interested in becoming a member of any kind or just want to drop us a line and say hi, then email