TechHub Riga Startup Academy: among businesses, pitches and opportunities

On November 22-23rd the second TechHub Riga Startup Academy took place, letting 10 selected startup teams receive advice on business and its development from local and international entrepreneurship experts. At the end of the academy the teams pitched their ideas to investors, who later announced Robotic Solutions as the winner.

24 applications: apps and hardware

Honouring the wide IT and tech field, the academy was open to all who built or was ready to build the next or AirDog. From 24 applications the judges chose 10 the most competitive ideas:

  • Funny Face � 3D interactive games to improve the movements of face, tongue and neck muscles for people with face movement and speech problems.
  • BeyondPad � Your personal data canvas, as simple and as complex as you want.
  • iGotClient � Private collaboration platform for small businesses and freelancers.
  • inHub � Clever digital business card sharing and organising for iOS and Android.
  • Bitindex � Bitcoin derivative trading platform that requires no fiat currency (ie. USD, EUR).
  • Tumtor � Online platform for tutors and those in need to find, evaluate, meet and pay to each other.
  • Micromiles � Web and mobile application that helps busy individuals striving to live a fulfilling life to make goals and aspirations come true by enabling three key success factors.
  • LoVo - Device which makes possible autonomous video surveilance anywhere with any IP camera, even in place where no 230V available.
  • Robotic Solutions - Automated multi-agent systems for industrial floor cleaning and farming.
  • - Social network for local communities.

The academy also welcomed individual participants, who could join any of the selected teams.

To understand business, pitch and look further

In two days the teams could participate in presentations, receive 1-on-1 mentoring regarding their business and see the tech entrepreneurship in detail. Among mentors were Greg Mathers (Adizes Latvija), Egils Boitmanis (Infinitum 8), Viesturs Sosars (Real Sound Lab), Andris K. Berzins (TechHub Riga, Buzztale), Arturs Mednis (Inspired Digital), Kristaps Silins (branding expert), Gary Whitehill (BURST, entrepreneurship and innovation expert) and Mike Bradshaw (StartupSauna, AppCampus).

At the end of the academy the teams pitched their ideas to investors, who represented venture capital funds Expansion Capital, ZGI and FlyCap, and LatBAN angel investors. The investors appreciated the variety of ideas and wished them stamina in the business future.

Robotic Solutions, who demonstrated the team and business potential and biggest growth opportunities, were announced as the winner of the second TechHub Riga Academy. Robotic Solutions were awarded with 3 tickets to TechChill Baltics 2015 conference, as well as TechHub Riga member benefits in a value of �500.

�The academy was indeed a great experience,� notes Agris Tolcanicins from Robotic Solutions. �These events are good not only for startups but also enterprises who are looking for new partners and opportunities. It also lets you look at your startup from a perspective of world-class experts, gives fantastic networking possibilities and lets you work with young and perspective enterprises.�

The academy was organized by TecHub Riga. Thanks to our supporters & partners: Bridgit! and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA). Organized in the framework of �Entrepreneurship Motivation Programme� managed by LIAA and co-financed by European Regional Development Fund and European Union. The informative partner of the academy was Dienas Bizness.