TechHub Riga outgrows its space and appoints two new board members

TechHub Riga, celebrating two year anniversary, continues developing and moves to a new home in the heart of Riga Old Town, Kalku street 12-14. Many advantages follow - now that technology environment vibrates faster and faster, the current and prospective TechHub members gain both wider space and opportunity to build a more dynamic and bigger centre for startup activities in Latvia.

As the amount of activities increase, the TechHub Riga board likewise expands, adding Anna Andersone, Froont co-founder, and Maris Dagis, Sellfy CEO, as the newest members of the board.

Infogram. Sellfy. Froont. Fastr Books. This is only a small portion of startups which, developing in the walls of TechHub Riga, have become a synonym for innovation and successfully earned their share of the global market. Next to them, recently joined enterprises improve, and all of them require their unique solution what to use to conquer the tech world. TechHub Riga, thus, reaches a moment, when the offered space is just not enough. �We have outgrown our space, and the first teams have also grown up and found their own offices as it happens in success cases. In these two years startup movement in Riga and Latvia has literally exploded, and demand for the space exceeded our options,� says Andris K. Berzins, TechHub Riga co-founder and CEO.

From September Kalku street 12-14 gives 800 m2 co-working space to TechHub Riga, including not only working space for the smallest teams, but also partially separated rooms for bigger teams (5-15 people), hall for corporate events and even a summer terrace. That means - TechHub will be able to accommodate both current enterprises, the amount of which are more than 30, and prospective members, actively invited by the organization to apply, who will receive a chance to develop their business, update their contact lists with tech professionals, and participate in various events, related to startup environment.

Along with spaciousness, TechHub Riga plans to build a more dynamic and bigger centre for startup activities in Riga. As for now, presentations, meetups, hackathons and annual conference TechChill Baltics are an integral part of TechHub Riga. In the new premises these events will be granted with a special attention, unifying tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and others in a strong community that wants and can inspire for innovative ideas, and ignite initiatives.

TechHub is a non-profit organization, founded by Andris K. Berzins, Gunars Grundstoks, Ernests Stals and Viesturs Sosars. Its goal is to create environment for new, successful technological and innovative enterprises. They are pleased to announce that the board is now expanded, adding two new members who are the leading people in their respective TechHub enterprises. Maris Dagis is a CEO at Sellfy, the simplest platform to sell and distribute digital content, and Anna Andersone is a co-founder at Froont, a responsive web design tool for designers. Ernests Stals notes that �we are grateful to Maris and Anna that they - as all of us - are ready to dedicate their time to help the startup community developing successfully�. The daily tasks of TechHub Riga are still managed by the office manager Alise Lezdina.

As a non-profit, TechHub expenses are covered by membership payments and sponsor donations (including Telia Latvija and LMT in previous years). In the moment of launching, the idea was supported by Founder Members - a group of members who paid onwards for three years, helping to cover the first expenses. Henceforth, the organization is open for collaboration with companies and organizations from various fields to implement projects and events.

In its new home TechHub will welcome you starting from September. In the mean time, TechHub will be located in two temporary offices on Skunu street, near Doma square, and Kalku street, near the Monument of Freedom. With overall space of 500 m2, these premises are also bigger than the current.