TechHub Riga meetup notes: sell wisely, sell creatively

�Autumn needs to start in style,� was our goal in mind while planning September�s monthly meetup. Thus, we invited two inspiring startups � TrackDuck from Lithuania and Browserbite from Estonia � to ignite the Latvian crowd. Not only they shared their stories, they also gave some tips on sales and traction. What did we note down? Sell wisely, sell creatively.

Eddy Balcikonis, TrackDuck CEO, explains that not all selling tools work to everybody. Cold e-mails and calls may be difficult to tackle, but paid adverts may not provide the expected traffic, leaving business on the edge. Yet, in order to succeed, selling is critical and has to be, vaguely speaking, what you do best.

As for TrackDuck, it is content marketing. It functions if you have the skill as generating content means something more than just putting words together and posting the outcome on the Internet. The initial wisdom lies in the quality of content. It draws attention, makes it interesting for the audiences and, most of all, leaves knowledge behind. �We get traffic to TrackDuck, and we also educate web designers so they become better,� Eddy shares the real magic in content marketing.

Therefore, if you believe that content is what can likewise improve your startup, don�t forget to be focused. Know your market. Know your topic. Be clear what you want to achieve. Be clear of your writing voice. Don�t settle with superficial, aim at creative greatness.

Our second guest Kaspar Loog, Browserbite Co-founder, similarly advises to be good at what you do and just do it better. Using the �sell first, build later� principle, you can gather valuable data through costumer and market research and afterwards build the product itself based on this data. These people may then be the foundation of your audience that will come for your products. You can even make up a queue as people may actually want to pay to be higher in the queue and get the product faster!

So there are no limits on how you can sell, you simply need to find your wise and creative touch to it! Do you know what�s yours?

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