TechHub Riga Meetup: Ingredients of Success

Startups are often praised for their awesome products. Though we believe they indeed create something awesome, it�s not the only feature that makes startups successful. In our meetup we invited Janis Volbergs (ZoomCharts) and Karlis Lauva (FullContact) to share their startup journey and special ingredients of success. This is what they told.

We are a team

You work on your startup as a team. As Janis Volbergs noted, you need to know how to get from idea to actual implementation of vision, and that cannot be possible if you do not have a team that can execute both your plan and vision. Surely, it�s a tough challenge to find the perfect people but once they are in place the startup can build a core knowledge around the product.

Similarly to Janis, Karlis Lauva mentioned the team as one of the crucial values to maintain constant development of FullContact. By being awesome with people, respecting every person and trusting their skills, the startup can create great products and fix global problems. Eventually, it�s the team�s inner culture that boosts the overall perfomance of the startup.

Never stop improving

When you are on your way of executing things, never stop improving. Janis remarked that with the growth of ZoomCharts they had the ambition to grow even bigger. This ambition had let them attract a new investment round from Imprimatur Capital, increase clientele and bring data visualization and user interactivity to a new level.

Karlis added that personal and professional growth was an integral part of FullContact as well. If you want to build awesome products and make customers happy you cannot be static and assume you�ve reached the summit of your skills. Keep shipping! Keep creating! Keep improving!

By the way, if you want to become one of the FullContact team, check their vacancy list � they�re recruiting!

See the whole meetup once more below:

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