TechHub Riga kicks-off members' referral program

Are you a TechHub Riga member and ready to help us grow the TechHub Riga community with awesome new members? As from today, you are eligible to participate in the TechHub Riga members� referral program that lets you get a discount on your next month�s membership fee for every new member you bring to TechHub Riga.

We have free desks in the open co-working space and final 3 team spaces to be occupied, and we invite you to join forces and turn our premises into a place of great, great startups, full of bright tech minds. Let�s make our hub to be the best together!

Some rules to remember:

  • The discount is calculated based on the type of member you bring in and equals the referred member�s first month membership fee. For example, a new resident member would earn a current resident member one month free, a new LITE member gives the resident member the discount equal to LITE monthly membership fee, etc.
  • The discount is given to the respective TechHub Riga member who has referred the new member. If you refer a new member and you currently occupy a seat in a team space, the discount is applied to the team space monthly membership fee.
  • You get the discount on your next month�s TechHub Riga membership as soon as your referred member has paid for his/her first month of membership. One member, one discounted month � the more members you bring in, the more discounted months you get!
  • You cannot refer a new member to your own startup.
  • Referral program is created to support TechHub Riga � we reserve the right to refuse the discount if you are abusing our trust and trying to trick the program.

For more information on referral program contact Alise or Anna.