TechHub Riga is looking for a Marketing & PR manager, part-time

note - we've already selected the PR manager! Thanx for all who applied.

Are you highly energized, positive and passionate about IT and tech startup scene? You are constantly following the latest news in IT and tech field. You are buzzed about new developments and innovations.
You want to help bring Latvian startups to a whole new level, help them grow and become more recognized, both in local and global markets.

You are great communicator, have experience writing news articles & promoting various aspects of the company/community.
You enjoy what you're doing, take initiatives & can bring an added value to the community.

If that all is true, we'll be more than happy to review your application for marketing and PR manager's role in TechHub Riga co-working space.

Our requirements for the position:

  • team player, but capable to work individually
  • able to define your own tasks and timeframes
  • have strong drive and energy
  • have previous PR experience
  • willing to grow & develop yourself and people around you
  • fluent in Latvian and English

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Take care of TechHub Riga and its members' positive appearance in media

    • press releases
    • articles
    • blogs
    • social media news & updates
    • event announcements
    • newsletters
    • etc
  • Take care of visual appearance of TechHub Riga (photos, videos, PR materials e.g. posters)
  • Make sure TechHub goals & vision is well communicated to Latvian startup community.
  • Spread the word about TechHub activities in a way that they attract new members.

TechHub Riga is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping startups grow and succeed in Latvia.
This position will require your part time work in TechHub Riga premises, as well your presence in important TechHub Riga organized events. You can start working already end of April or beginning of May.

Please write your motivation letter to
Please apply till April 21, 23:00 EET.
We'd like to hear from you about following:

  • What kind of PR-related experience do you have (also add CV)
  • What would be your top 5 initiatives to spread the word about TechHub Riga & its members.
  • How would you like to diferentiate us from any other hub/ coworking space.
  • Anything else youd like to add.