TechHub Riga announces a strategic partnership with Lattelecom

Strengthening the Latvian startup scene and expanding the amount of activities, necessary to existing and potential tech entrepreneurs, TechHub Riga announces a strategic partnership with Lattelecom. The largest provider of electronic services in Latvia will now provide Internet and WiFi infrastructure at TechHub Riga�s new co-working space, as well as the live broadcasts of monthly Meetups and the TechChill Baltics conference.

In November, 2014, TechHub Riga has moved to new premises in the heart of Old Riga, on Kalku street 12/14, on Livu Square, offering 800m2 of space that includes a co-working space, meeting rooms, team spaces, kitchen and terrace. Along with that, TechHub Riga members will have a chance to receive in-depth mentoring or Office Hours in marketing, legal issues, accounting, funding and other fields. Continuing this growth, TechHub Riga is pleased to announce Lattelecom as the strategic partner for the upcoming two years.

Ensuring the technical support for the Latvian startup scene, Lattelecom has installed the Internet and WiFi infrastructure at the new premises of TechHub Riga letting startups work and develop their products. Likewise, Lattelecom will broadcast the Monthly Meetups and TechChill Baltics conference in their channels to broaden the community and enable those who cannot be directly present at the events follow TechHub Riga activities online. Finally, startups will also get the opportunity to be mentored by Lattelecom experts.

�The reason behind our partnership with Lattelecom is simple. While stable and world-class infrastructure support is essential for our members, who are primarily internet and software startups, we also have a strong alignment with Lattelecom in supporting technology entrepreneurship and bright business ideas,� TechHub Riga Chairman of the Board, Andris K. Berzins, explains. �We team up to spread knowledge and encourage more people to think about building their own startups, and we believe that this partnership is a step ahead in improving the Latvian startup scene in general!�

�Innovations are also good for the economics of the country,� Lattelecom CCO, Kerli Gabrilovica, adds. �Collaboration with the Latvian startup community, residing at TechHub Riga, enables us to help local tech initiatives and help them get the necessary inspiration in polishing their startup success story. In a long term this will provide new jobs and other opportunities, and hopefully put Latvia on a map as a global player in technology, IT and innovations.�

Lattelecom already creates and implements innovations aimed at maintaining the leading position in the industry and providing its customers with wider opportunities for innovations for modern life. Lattelecom has set up the data storage website for convenient storage of photos, video files and other data. Lattelecom also provides the remote meter reading service Lattelecom Telemetry. At present, telemedicine solutions, as well as Lattelecom�s gaming platform are under development.

The broadcasting of Meetups will start in December 2014, while TechChill Baltics conference will be broadcasted on February 10th, 2015.